iWriter now offers page not found 404 errors to some writers

Many iWriter members have been struggling with the message:

You are not permitted to view this website

Now, for those who are savvy enough to bypass some IP restrictions, or change computers, the problem with iWriter continues to haunt them. Many of these hackwriters have a target to keep; merely spilling out up to 10 articles on a day to pay their bills. So when days go by without their daily bread source, it is quite a terrible scene.

A visit to various forums does not reveal the cause of this problem other than the blacklisting of some parts of Kenya and India because of hacking attempts. It could be that the webmaster at iWriter has configured the web to record and interpret login attempts from various IP and blacklist them automatically.

Well, the problem with a blanket blacklisting is that most cellular network ISPs use the same IP or proxy for a number of their users. This becomes a problem for most of them, when they are using an IP specific service like RapidShare free accounts or articles writing sites like iWriter. If one guy becomes a victim of an IP blockage, then it means that all who use the network will suffer.

This could be a problem with the website owners, for their reluctance to consider other means, it could also be a problem with international users. There is no valid explanations on where the blame rests, as at the time of this writing. In future, there could be a solution to the problem.

Right now, some entrepreneurial writers have resolved to publishing their PayPal donate addresses so that others can pay them to fix the access issue. Just before writing this post, it appeared that iWriter is allowing users to request content but not all users to write content. Thus, even if you pass through the IP block, there is still another shocker waiting ahead, when you realize that you a 404 page not found message waiting for you when you try to write an article.

Some internet users and writers think iWriter should come up with a paid option for people who do not want IP blocks to bother them. MaizeCob continues to look at the issue and see when it will resolve itself. If you are getting ahead on the issue or seek more clarification about article writing sites on the internet, it is better if you join the conversation in the comment option below.


  1. I am so annoyed by the 404 ... what to do?

    1. I have a solution to iwriter error page problems. It has worked since I started using it. Contact me for more details. My contacts are on my site http://christianokwena.wordpress.com

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