Rare iPhone prototype sighted

It is not over with rumors just before the unveiling of the iPhone 5 by Tim Cook in a few weeks. This August, we have something more than a rumor about the iPhone. While waiting for the release of the new phone, it has been reported online by engadget that there is a prototype of the iPhone going around eBay. Someone is selling it, and it has a label ‘deathstar’. 9to5Mac notes point to a February 2010 note when the logo first appeared.

Remember this is only a prototype, but collectors would be happy to have one more thing that reminds them of their icon, Steve Jobs. According to the leaked specs, it does have a flat bottom with no screws. The Apple software testing program, also called the switchboard in onboard the prototype.

The crazy part comes from the price of the auction. The seller at eBay has so far decided on a minimum bid of $4500. If you must really have this piece of technology and what it represents to fan boys, then remember that outbidding everyone in an instant and closing the auction is possible, just cough $10,000 now.

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