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Braun Leather iPhone Case
Braun Leather iPhone Case (Photo credit: alena_gr)

   by Campbell Elli
When you buy a new device, you are initially very fascinated by it. Everything about the device seems to mesmerize you. Similar is the reaction when you first set your eyes on your first brand new Apple iPhone 5.
There was a gleam in your eyes as you took it in your hands and felt its sleek smooth body. It was hard for you to suppress the excitement that you felt and wished to go running out and show your prized possession to your friends, family and coworkers. You must have switched on the device and tested some of its functions to ensure that it was the thing that you really wanted and not a figment of your imagination. Having ensured that the beautiful device is alive and kicking, you must have become eager to use it to do all the things that you have been waiting to do, which includes surfing the net, finding your way around, playing some games, listening to your favorite music and so on.

Therefore the baby you got is an expensive device and you intend to use it in all the ways you can. It might as well happen that your world will get centered on this device pretty soon. The next thought that pops up into your mind will be how to keep this expensive device protected from elements as well as mishandling. The chances of dropping it will be high due to its sleek and smooth character and more so because it is small and might slip off your hand if you are not careful. The device is delicate and if it is dropped the chances of it breaking is always there. Hence, protecting the device becomes necessary.

There is an array of iPhone 5 cases available in the market ranging from the cool ones to the hip ones. The options that are available to you include the ones mentioned here.

Leather case 

 iPhone 5 users seem to prefer the leather case very much as it offers protection as well as style together. As a result newer leather cases are being made in various styles. For example, if you get an Orion case you will find that your iPhone fits it like a glove. The design is simple and elongated that makes it easy to pull out the phone from the case. These are available in nine colors that include green, pink and white besides the color black.
Hip cases are also available that have been styled more on the practical side with holster style. The top is flip open type and cut out opening. The design is horizontal for ease of clipping it to your belt or inside the pocket of your bag or purse. It is very tough and for the present comes in color black only.

Silicone case

Silicone cases have been in existence for quite sometime being used as iPod cases. These cases are great in terms of protection from scratch and easy grip that will not slip. Generally such silicone cases are designed to cover the back with a clear film screen in the front that keeps the iPhone screen open as well as protected from scratch. These are available in clear, pink and black colors.

Polycarbonate case 

Polycarbonate is a form of plastic that can resist fluctuation of temperature and impact and thus a good material for iPhone cases. The material has a rubbery surface that forestalls any chance of slippage. These cases are customized for the iPhone with opening for the headset jack, camera lens and volume control. This gives you the advantage of using the phone without taking it out of the case. These are available in red, silver white, pink and black colors.

So, you have an array of iPhone 5 case to choose from and you are independent to choose the one that is best for you.
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