Factors that determine a termite inspection cost

Before an inspection, no one knows how many termites are there, and what the inspection will cost. The most reason for an inspection is to find how much it will cost to get rid of termites, or prevent them from infesting a particular area. If you live in a wooden house and structures that are partially made of wood, then the inspection cost for termites would interest you.

Even if you do not have any current problems, a little precaution will be fine for your case. Unfortunately, though it may have no effects on the existence of termites and their eradication, the inspection will still cost some money. This article informs you of the various features that go into the costing procedure for a termite inspection.

The first thing to note is that a specialized inspector conducts the termite inspection. With this information, you can expect to have upfront costs for the inspector. The right person for the job will have a valid state license and be under a regulatory authority, preferably one for pest control.

The job of the inspector is to verify the existence of termites, their population and estimate the costs of dealing with the menace.

To achieve the goal of the inspection, the inspection will have to use different kinds of tools for scouting and documenting. The cost of these tools will go into the overall termite inspection cost.

Most of the inspection work requires the use of eyes only. Even then, the inspector must access all areas of the property. If there are obstacles such as walls, sealed doors and furniture, you will have to move them. If the exercise requires additional technical help, then be ready to pay more for the whole exercise. It is likely that you will hire external laborers to do the dismantling and fixing the structure.

Based on the above consideration, and common industry practice, termite inspection costs could be as low as $20 and as high as $600.

Other than the cost of the job itself, different companies will have their own overheads. It is recommended that you consider the distance from the property to the inspection company, the time of day for the inspection and any other need that the company my quote to validate expenses.

Avoid making appointments on public holidays and after working hours because these qualify as special requests.

In the end, the cost of termite control can only be an estimate, until the exercise is over. Paying attention to the above concerns should assist anyone to lower the costs. One more unfortunate thing with termite control is that this exercise should be recurrent. Termites can show up anytime. As with any recurrent activity, expenses can be quite high.

This article has demonstrated that the actual termite inspection cost vary with the size and complexity of property, the convenience of the inspection company and the wishes of the requestor. If you change the attributes that contribute to the inspection, then you can  lower or increase this cost. On average, the market rate ranges from $20 to $600 for a single inspection.


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