How to Get Good Results with the Best at Home Waxing Kit

A look at beauty products for waxing can turn into a nightmare, if you have to choose the best wax at home kit and have no clue. You have come to the right place, in this article, you will learn the precautions to take, the procedures to follow and the right waxing kit to get for your needs.
From the following advice, you will be able to spend about forty-five minutes to remove your unwanted hair. The best part of this is that you can do it all at home.

Just before proceeding, it is better to clear the air with a disclaimer on the type of risks that can arise out of a self-waxing procedure at home. Here they are:

  1. First timers get a painful experience on their first wax, but it subsides with each repetition.
  2. People on antibiotics or hormone replacement, as well as pregnant women may have heightened skin reactions due to waxing.
  3. Smokers have weak and broken blood vessels and they can bleed easily when waxing irritates the particular skin area.
  4. Too much exfoliation does not go well with waxing. Often, it leads to red, scabby skin that might bleed.
  5. Even when you get the best at home waxing kit; still, keep off the process if you take Accutane medication, are on acne medication, have lupus or AIDS, as well as if you undergo any form of cancer therapy.
  6. Lastly, stimulants cause an extra sensitivity to waxing. It best to keep off coffee, tea and alcohol, a week before waxing, just to remain on the safe side.
  7. With the precautions aside, it is time to look at the gem.

The Best at Home Waxing Kits

Dry wax is an easy to use kit because it involves one less procedure than other kits. It does not require heating and in terms of pain, it is tolerable when compared to other waxing kits. Sally Hansen is an all-natural waxing kit that, as the name suggests, has a honey smell and it can work without warming. It however needs a delicate application; so, users should read instructions really well.
Trusting the market can be a good way of finding top quality products. In the waxing kit department, Gigi professional waxing kit remains a best seller, and judging by its sales numbers, it is right to acknowledge that so many people cannot be wrong. The kit must be doing something right, and it actually does. This kit is for general hair removal and it will work well with most body parts. To get the best of it, consider getting a pre-wax cleaner and wax remover for using before and after waxing respectively.
For many, waxing at home conjures imaginations of an upcoming beach visit. It is no doubt that you want to set the right impression when you hit the sand and sun. The bikini line can put you off the edge unless you get the best at home waxing kit. Think of Gigi bikini waxing kit, hard wax, Bliss poetic waxing wax strips for the body. They all do an excellent job. The list of various brands is only here to give you options, in case you have a particular skin condition, you are a first timer, or you just like variety when you shop.

How to Use Your Best at Home Waxing Kit

It is true that with the right ingredients, anyone can cook the best meal, but that is not the whole truth. When it comes to cooking and waxing, the procedure separates the pro from the novice. The good thing is that, becoming a pro for waxing at home requires no more than careful planning and following instructions. It is best if you take time to understand each step. Here is the procedure for using your best at home waxing kit. You will have to do this four to five times for an even job.

- Buy your kit of choice. Feel free to use the suggestions above.
- Next, take time to read the usage instructions. Part of the requirements for using any kit is that you need hair that is at least a quarter of an inch long. If it is more than that, trim it with a pair of scissors before you proceed.
- Use the hair cleanser that comes with your kit, or any other that you prefer. Keep measurements to the recommended standard, as overdoing the cleansing does not necessarily yield better results.
- You can then apply wax evenly. Go against the direction of hair growth on the first application layer then counter the direction on the second layer. Go past hair growth edges so that you have a way of pulling off the wax. At this stage, the procedures vary depending on the kit you use, but follow instructions for the particular kit.
- If you use warm wax, let it cool and then with one quick pull, yank out the wax, holding it from the side that is opposite of the direction that your hair grows. Pulling happens horizontally. Immediately after you are done, hold down the skin tightly.

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