Increase productivity and reduce costs with Lexmark toners

The life of a Lexmark toner cartridge does not end when the user exhausts its contents. With a refill kit, the user can extend the life of the toner for an infinite number of times. Refilling does not have to take place on the entire set. Only the empty cartridges need refilling. This option makes the process very easy even for color printers. Besides, the refill will load on four different toner cartridges, so there will be no risk of mixing colors.
Printers at home and in the office must be safe for use. Failure to follow proper maintenance precautions may expose hazardous substances to users. This can include children at home. Just like printers, the supplies that go with them must meet the safety threshold of a quality product. Luckily, refill kits and toner go under tight manufacturing scrutiny to ensure they are safe.
Here are the key benefits of the Lexmark toner cartridges.
First, it poses no health hazard. Like most chemicals, it might cause mild irritation if the user inhales it. Other than that, it does not cause any harm on contact.
Secondly, dealing with exposure to the toner is easy. The first aid measure to take when the cartridge dust contacts the skin is to wash thoroughly with soapy water. For delicate body parts like eyes and nose, the victim should use warm water to flush out the cartridge dust.
A toner refill gives office workers the productivity boost that they need in fast paced work environments. Just like the various Lexmark printers that give a high quality and functionality at an affordable price, ink-refills also offer a high quality print output at a fraction of the cost of getting new a toner.
The compatibility of the toner on various Lexmark printer models is another added advantage. Users can upgrade their existing printers to get ones that are more efficient and still be able to use their existing cartridges that they manually refill. This way, instead of spending time on buying a new toner, the money saved on ink costs can go towards the purchase of speedier printers after about two years of use. But if a new one is the only solution, settling on an original compatible ink cartridge is the best bet on safety and durability.
On average, people print on 5 percent of the page. Printers quote rely on this statistic when quoting the number of pages that a full refill will last. The 5% figure is only a conservative estimate. The actual figure is larger when people print more text than the average memo. Color printing also takes more ink per page because it uses a combination of cyan, magenta and yellow.
Budgeting for your Lexmark toner refill requires that you are aware of your average page toner cartridge use for your specific printer. Cartridge ink forms a recurrent expenditure and requires regular audits to facilitate proper budgeting.
Knowing how long a cartridge will last allows you to avoid the temptation to shake the toner cartridge when you notice faded page printouts. Instead, you need to have your refill kit ready so that you can do the easy job of refilling whenever you exhaust your ink.
Refilling not only saves time, it saves money and is more convenient than going for an outright purchase. For some organizations, the procedure of getting new purchases is cumbersome. With a Lexmark toner refill kit, you can have a full year stock for use when needed.

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