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Free website or blog hosting providers are available in their numbers but the problem is that all those people who claim to provide such free services do not really provide these services but are trying to just siphon the money of the public rather than anything else. As soon as you get on their platform, they will start bombarding you with their advert and some time twice or thrice a daily. This makes it difficult to find a reliable and genuine free website or blog hosting service. Though we have some good ones who will not trouble you much with their advertisement, luring you to buy hosting and domain names, we will however focus on one that won’t bother you about coming to buy hosting from them.

That is Blogger is a free website hosting company that will not bother you with any "buy our hosting programe" "Independent discount sale" "Anniversary special offer" etc, etc Benefit of Using Blogger for Legitimate Small Businesses

(1) Almost unlimited Web storage space. When you create a free blog with blogger you enjoy large web space you cannot consume.

(2) Personalizing Your Blog. Your blog which is ordinarily can be changed to without hassles. All you do is simply buy a .com, .net .org etc domain and point it to blogger and your free blog will start displaying your new name straight away.

(3) Fast Search Engine Optimization: Creating a website with blogger gives your website high exposure to webs users. This is because Google is the most used search engine in the world and using blogger which they own gives you preference.

(4) Easy adsense account: Using blogger makes it very easy to get your adsense account approved especially when you have good original content. With this monetization, making money online while you advertise your business is easy.

If you are thinking of owning a website for your business, or you want one to make money online, but don’t have the income to go buying domain name and hosting which can be sometime expensive, i tell you my friend visit blogger and build your online business there and you will be a happy man.

You can make as much money with a bloggers blog as you can with website. So unless your website idea is some social network or very big project, blogger is idea for you.


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