Choose the right software and let your business suceed

If you are spending way too much on invoicing software, it’s time to pause and reconsider your options. Invoicing is basically only sending and receiving bills online and why do you have to spend a fortune on it? Basically you invoice so that you receive your pay? If that very process is going to cost you more than what your actual pay is, there is no point paying too much for it.

So, is there any invoicing software
out there that is not too expensive? Even if there is, would it be good enough? Since it is less expensive, would you have to compromise on some important features? Well, these are questions that are completely justified. Look for the following features while you are hunting for good invoicing software.


Most online invoicing systems have the security of Cloud Storage, mostly Google Cloud. This ensures that you do not lose data even if your system crashes. Also, with Cloud, you can invoice from anywhere, even on the move. All you need is internet connection, be it from computer or mobile phone.

Ease of use

The software must be easy to use. Too much accounting jargon is not very inviting. Most small business owners or freelancers (the groups most likely to use the software) would not understand complex accounting language. Even in terms of navigation, the software should be easy to use. The user must know where he is and how to go to a different page without much trouble.

Good design

If the design of the application is bad, it is a big turn off. So most software developers make sure that the design is pleasing to the eye. As accounting tends to be boring as such, no offense, at least the design of the software must be pleasing and fresh and inviting.

Easy access to support

All software would have support section filled with faq’s or a support desk that can be contacted in case the user has troubles.


Invoicing software naturally has reports. Who has paid, who has not, best customers and suppliers etc are some information that any invoicing software must generate easily.

So these are some of the features any invoicing app will have regardless of the price. If you are looking for an app that has all these features and more, Handdy Invoices if a good choice. It is free forever. You can check out the free online invoicing software right away.