How to use iTunes like a pro with 11 tricks

There were several iTunes updates that we have done over the years and I was surprised to find the present iTunes 11 a lot more modern and easy to navigate. It is certain that the song of our choice will always play with ease, with no effort required to fetch it from our playlists. The new avatar has said goodbye to its bulkier composition and is currently, light and quick.
Ping is no more used and instead iCloud is being used by iTunes for its different functions. The usual mini window is gone and I am happy with the stretched screen, with drop down menus and colorful buttons to bring down libraries. I am eager to pass on my iTunes 11 know-how to ardent music lovers, who think iTunes 11 is what they should use to quench their thirst for music.
The list of features that we could update ourselves to is exhaustive, here are a few that are useful:
  • iTunes Genius options will let us create multiple play lists. Just click-on the arrow next to the song and select 'Start Genius'to add the song to the genius list. Optionally, use the sidebar and select 'Genius mixes' for creating different playlists to suit different interests.
  • Search results in previous versions displayed songs based on their name, band or album, but now it is possible to filter playlists, to play our 'song request'. This is done by disabling the "Search Entire Library" option that produces search results based on listed menus.
  • The Up Next Feature is a short cut to invoke the next song of our choice. Usually, we double click on the song to play it and double click again for the next song, but in iTunes 11 we either click the arrow next to the song or right click on the song and select Up Next to make the song play next.
  • We can enable the iTunes side bar and the status bar at the bottom for an enhanced view; however, the grid background cannot be changed to darker shades. Get the sidebars using the shortcut, option+command+s.
  • Trouble shooting functionality in iTunes 11 dis-allows disturbing plug-ins from loading when they are launched via the safe mode.
  • Follow the path iTunes-preferences-general for ringtones and iTunes U. Check on the box across preferences that we would want in our library.
  • In the iTunes library we can create a separate selection of songs that would be different from the rest. This is to help music lovers, who also create their own music to store their creation separately in the library.
  • The iTunes mini player is needed when we have to carry on with our daily routine while listening to songs in the background. The mini player is a mini version of the full screen iTunes 11 window with buttons and Up Next options. It is better to organize our desktop by placing the iTunes mini player on top of the window.
We always have a set of songs that we like to listen to again and again; iTunes can revoke our recently played songs in the same order for us to listen again. Stats on the count of the lists not being listened to, lets us spruce up our library and update it to our current likes. Apple has tasted success with its new iTunes 11 and the strategy is to improve the old that functions well and which has a following. Whether it works, is for all to see.