Its now okay and possible to watch Super Bowl

This year's Super Bowl 47 will be streamed live online CBS. The finals of the NFL 2012 season is the biggest sports event in the US. Every broadcast of the Super Bowl attracts hundreds of millions of viewers. CBS said that this year's online streaming is a first to watch the Super Bowl 2013 live.

To watch the game, just go to or at Viewers can use laptop, desktop PC, and even a tablet to watch the game, but not mobile phones. The rights to stream this year's Super Bowl is with Verizon and not CBS. Verizon will offer mobile streaming of the game through the NFL Mobile Premium app. Further, the mobile streaming will actually show the TV broadcast and not the broadcast shown online.

The maximum resolution of the online broadcast will be at 720p. The broadcast will also have an automatic resolution adjustment feature for those who cannot handle the HD resolution. Sadly, there is no 3D option for this broadcast.

Ads of Super Bowl 2013 broadcasts are highly expected, and the next question is whether the online broadcast will also show the ads as that on TV. There will be a different set of ads for the online broadcast, but the new commercials will be shown by CBS through an "on-demand component" immediately after the TV airing of the game. The ads will also be aggregated through Adzone by Hulu and Ad Blitz by You Tube.

The online broadcast will carries different commercials, though users will be able to gain access the network TV ads after the game via an on-demand service. The huge audience drew to the Super Bowl means advertisers traditionally use it to debut eye-catching and creative ads.

In a separate deal, the same games will be available on smart phones, though only to Verizon subscribers, through a dedicated NFL Mobile App that is available for Android and Apple handsets.

The app currently carries a $10 a month subscription charge on ordinary 3G handsets. Customers who use Verizon's high-speed 4G service can get the app free of charge.

Another different about the online broadcast versus the TV broadcast is that the live online streaming will feature more camera angles, highlight clips, live stats, DVR controls and social-media updates.

The Super Bowl 2013 online broadcast is intended for US viewers. The streaming may also benefit Canadians, but only through mobile phones using Bell Canada's Mobile TV app. The good thing about watch its live stream is that you can find free provider ( App and PC ) link below for all fans.

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