Mshuari discriminates its loan service among Safaricom Mpesa customers

I have a friend who had to change his SIM card, to get the new one from Safaricom that would support Mshuari. He was elated. Finally, mshuari was coming to his phone. Yes, that's a whole CBA bank coming into his tiny $27 phone, with its five-line two-color screen. No, it's not black and white neither is it colored. Let us just say it rest in between there, with the potential of having a radio, or a torch, if it were a Techno or Nokia. Unfortunately it is a Samsung, and the company took everything to the galaxy s3, leaving the rest of the phones on its line, simply bare.

Well, the point is that after he went through the hassle for lining up at the Safaricom shop on I&M tower, ground floor, on Kenyatta Avenue, he still cannot get through Mshuari. It's not that bad, he can get to the menu available on his Mpesa, but he can't get a loan approved.

He passed about 11k through the dummy m-bank only to see his hopes dashed. Nothing like a qualification for a 500 bob loan could surface. He is devastated. He hugs his phone in the hope that Safaricom will reconsider its decision to deny him that payday loan service.

His purpose of getting the loan from Safaricom's Mshuari service is to get a cheaper form of credit advance. The normal credit advance service costs him 10% in interest payment. Mshuari costs 7.5% and is a fair deal. If it were you, what would you go for?

As you have read above, Safaricom has denied my friend a chance to get cheaper credit. This is a discriminatory service. What do you think? I think it’s time for someone to talk about the haphazard neglect of customers. It could make the telecom giant act up.

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