Rio Aroma Stone - Electric Oil Vaporizer Review

You are better off with aromatherapy because it alters brain waves, this works to reduce stressful effects and leave you in a more relaxed position, and you can think clearly and make better decisions. It does not have to cost a fortune to have the aromatherapy experience, that is why a considerate practitioner came up with the idea of the Rio aroma stone.

It is an electric vaporiser that lets users enjoy the benefits of different oils, be they from rosemary, lavender, peppermint, ylang-ylang and lemon. It is a safe utility to use because it does not rely on a naked flame to vaporise oils, if it did, then it would be very risky to leave it on unattended. With it’s present design, you can leave the rio aroma stone and attend to your other duties. It addresses a particular concern of safety, given that as users enjoying the contentedness, calmness and reduced anxiety because of the aromatic oil effects, are less likely to stand and walk to the stone, to switch it off.

Many a times, the whole aromatherapy experience fades because the tool that was supposed to heal you from work and other forms of stress becomes so stressful to use. Candles burn, they are messy when they spill wax all over the place; besides, you can place them next to paper documents. It’s not only candles that have a problem, anything that has a naked flame has soot and leaves something that you have to clean when you are done. For many people, this is a disadvantage of aroma products that they can’t fathom.

Luckily, with a simple and careful application of technology, the rio aroma stone misses all the nuisances discussed above, it only needs occasional wiping to clean, just like any other piece of lovely furniture would need cleaning. You can go ahead and use it to sooth babies as it makes no noise when it’s on.

One last important factor to consider in an aromatic product is how oil heating takes place. This stone does heat oil all at once and this ensures that you get an even distribution of the oil vapour for the entire time that you use it. Traditional forms of heating oil are not programmable, they can heat the oil instantly and cause it to chemically transform into another compound. Remember, the benefit comes from the scent that you breathe in, which goes to induce certain desirable de-stressing effects in your body, but if the oil compounds change, the right effect disappears.

Rio aroma stone has a self regulating temperature control that will keep oils in their natural composition, and this means that you will only refill after the oil is over, not because it becomes unusable. This works well for you budget and makes the device the most affordable tool for your aromatherapy needs. It works with mains electricity and does not come with any usage complications, even a child can use it, once they get the initial instructions that, by the way, are easy to follow.


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