7 Ways To Get New Leads From Youtube For Your Business In 2013

Online businesses can only thrive when they convert their leads into paying customers. Without leads in the first place, success remains only a notion. If you into YouTube marketing, then you know that the number of people who view your videos is directly proportional to the success your business gets from the exposure. It is important to note that a high number of views do not necessarily make you rich; rather, what you do with the exposure brings positive change to your business. Here is a list of seven techniques of success with online video for businesses.

1. Create valuable videos

Above everything else, and that includes the advice contained herein, you have to first have content that creates value for the long term. Your video on YouTube must at least be educational, entertaining or stimulate an idea in the person who watches it. Thereafter, you can use video SEO to lure people to your channel.

2. Connect to your audience from the onset

Ask for feedback on your online video in the comment section. This is a way of conversing with your audience and it helps you to understand your market. It ensures that subsequent videos match their taste. Veteran YouTube users who have been successful at generating leads with YouTube marketing for their businesses emphasize on the need to connect with the audience.

3. Capture attention with compelling video openings

The first few seconds of a video tell a lot about the business that is sponsoring it. People on YouTube keep looking for videos that add value to their lives, and the only way to keep them watching your channel is by grabbing their attention every time a video starts playing. Analyze the user statistics from different videos that you have then keep repeating the tricks that seem to work on other videos. In the end, you will have a loyal following that will be more than willing to share your videos within their social connections. Place calls to action at the beginning of the video content and its description.

4. Work with your audiences and appeal to their interests

The next step is to find out what your intended viewer wants. Some people will like entire contents of videos while others will only be interested in some parts of it. You can only tell how much your audience appreciates your posting schedule by first asking them to subscribe to your channel. In this regard, include a call to subscribe within the video towards the end. These will capture anyone who had enough interest to watch the video to the end.

5. Create live events

Once you reach a substantial audience number, host a live video. Live shows allow everyone to reach you at once. They will not have to rely on how fast your business can pick phones or reply to emails. As a result, the audience will have an inclination to talk more about your business.

6. Cut out non-buyers early

The problem with video marketing strategies is that they seek subscribers who are only looking for freebies. If a business is selling a product or solution, that should come out clearly in the content so that anyone who ends up subscribing to the channel already knows he or she might have to make a purchase. People who buy from you expect to pay for value and will not be cowed by your outright clarification on selling.

7. Use the psychology of scarcity to drive leads

Talk about how scarce your solution is, or how it is only limited to a few people or for a short time. People respond better to a business video that contains messages of scarcity. You may use your videos as pointers to content that exist on your business websites.