6 Factors that affect the health of natural hair for African American women

As an African-American, you wear your hair based on social relevance, the stereotypical assertions of the African woman or the misinterpretations that you may have about the look of your hair.
You need to invest both time and money to find the right products that will not damage your hair to get a stylish looking hair. You can have locks, a natural styling, or any other admirable form of natural hair and you will still have to take care of it. Natural hair refers to hair that is receives no chemical relaxation. The natural hair business makes up a billion-dollar industry that is every growing with products that may not necessarily promote the upkeep of good hair. Here are a few facts that you ought to know and use in taking care of natural hair.

1. Moisture

The African-American hair is curls as it grows. When it is very long, it becomes susceptible to dryness because the hair oils that originate from the sebaceous glands at the scalp do not reach the ends of the hair. The curling induced dryness leads to their knotting and eventual break off. The most effecting way of reducing this effect is by regularly moisturizing the hair. You can use a water moisturizer to spraying mists on your head. You can also use purified based water products as well as Aloe Vera juice to achieve the same effects.

2. Deep Conditioning

Get into a healthy regime of deep conditioning your hair bi-weekly to return your hair to its natural looks. This exercise alone helps you avoid many expenses later when you are trying to restore hair that is too broken to fix.

3. Clarifying Shampoo

Just like deep conditioning, the use of clarifiying products helps the natural hair to get rid of chemicals that may cause harm. Most hair products consist of chemical forms that work well in the short-term but end up choking the scalp. Clarifying shampoo will leave your hair looking neat and stylish all year round.

4. Natural Oils and Butter

You will have to use oils and butter to keep your hair looking neat and tidy. Just make sure that any oil or butter product that you choose contains the original composition of the oil or butter and not its industrially manufactured versions. Most artificially manufactured oils and butter will include the good attributes of natural oils and Shea butter but they nullify the good properties with their carcinogenic compounds.

5. Sulfates

Keep away from anything that contains sulfates when you intend to keep your natural hairstyle for long. Sulfates are responsible for hair dryness. When you use shampoos, conditioners and other hair products, read their labels careful to certify that they do not contain any sulfate derivatives.

6. Petrolatum

Petrolatum is another chemical compound that has devastating effects on natural hair. Many African-Americans used it over the last century without the knowledge of its harm. Present research shows that petrolatum promotes the repulsion of moisture from the scalp. It leads to the buildup of dandruff that prevents the scalp from breathing.