Use White Tiles To Brighten Up Any Home

Tiled floors are simple to clean and maintain. White tiles in particular come with a shiny bright look while they retain the durable attributes of stone floors. They are a good choice for anyone looking for a way to infuse modernity to a house that appears dull because of its floors or walls. White is a neutral color that will blend well with the other colors on floors, walls, and furniture. If you are tired of a rusty and old look in your house then go for white tiles. Read the following suggestions that will help you know how you can use white tiles to brighten up any home this spring.

Not every tiles that sells as white will be pure white. Many shaded forms of white will sell as white tiles depending on the category of their materials and the labeling choice made by manufacturers. Secondly, the price of tiles varies with their sizes. Large tiles on either square foot dimensions or thickness dimensions will be more expensive than small tiles based on the same dimensions. Slight price variations also occur due to the material used to make the tiles. The most common materials used are slate, sand stone, travertine, marble, limestone and granitite. Tile distributers stock an equivalent of thousands of square feet of any type of tiles available. When you are interested in a particular type of tile, request a sample. You will be able to gauge it color, texture and thickness to determine if it is the correct one for your house.

Other than going for white as the color of your tiles, you also need to choose among the many materials that make tiles. If you go with slate, which is a metamorphic rock, it will be hard for you to get a pure white tile because slate mostly comes in dark colors. The same case applies to travertine, which is a sedimentary rock that gives a native marble-like finish when turned to tiles. It offers a warm soft feeling on the underfoot and its colors will work well with your white tiles from another material. Most pure white tiles come from marble, a material known for its shinny looks that come in a variety of colors and patterns. You can also get white tiles made of limestone and granite. Limestone feels like travertine except that it absorbs water. Granite on the other hand is the hardest natural stone that will give you very smooth surfaces that can be unforgiving when used carelessly.

When selecting your tiles, look at their hardness and thickness rating. Each rating tells you whether the tile is idea for a particular use in your home. Indoor tiles can be less hard and thick compared to outdoor tile. You should measure the total floor area that you want covered in tiles, then order enough tile and related supplies from Tiles Porcelain that will complete the job in one shipment. Have a few extra cases to take care of breakages and future repairs, so that your floors have that bright shinny look for a long time.