The best PlayStation accessories and games for your ps console better than wii

Few things can take you out of this world the way a great video game can. With their amazingly life-like graphics, sound and motion, they make you feel like you are right there in the middle of it all! To learn more about this incredible past-time, check out the following article.
Get in shape with video games. Many video games are now interactive and use your body movement. If you are getting bored with your exercise routine or don’t have one yet, invest in a video game and get into shape. You will find yourself having a great time and getting in shape all at once.
If you have any doubts about a video game, try it before you buy it. Many modern games have demo versions that can be downloaded either through a gaming console or PC. Some gaming retail stores will also have demo areas set up that will allow you to test drive a game before you decide to make a purchase, so take advantage of them.
If you are having trouble seeing important details in your video game, adjust the brightness. Video game designers often want to set a mood in their games, but that mood comes with the price that important puzzle pieces may be missed in the dimness. Take back the control a bit by boosting that brightness in the setting’s area.
Be sure to research any games that you wish to buy before you buy them. Make sure you are getting the version of the game that works on your particular system since many are made for multiple systems. Also, be on the lookout for limited and special additions of your chosen title since these can be more expensive than the regular versions.
When buying games online, do not buy from unknown sources. You really have no idea what you are putting in your system. Never purchase or download games from a TOR site. You are risking turning your gaming console into a brick. They could contain malicious code that will compromise your system.
Parents should take the time to look in the game console’s settings for parental controls. Consoles will have these controls within their setting’s menus. These can allow you to control games by ESRB rating, the amount of time on the system and limit online access. With these controls set, your child can play games more safely.
If you are in love with video games, it can be a great hobby, but you have to be careful not to get addicted. If you find yourself spending too much time on gaming, the best thing to do is set an alarm for 1 hour periods and then take a break.
If you haven’t been able to maximize your video gaming experience as of yet, this article surely has shown you how! Try these tips and tricks out the next time you sit down to play and completely lose yourself in another galaxy, dimension or exciting life that just doesn’t happen to be your own!
Playstation 3 games are existing in hundreds of different category that you can have. If you already have PS3 game consoles and you wish to buy games that will be very entertaining to play, below are some Playstation 3 games that you should consider to buy for your collection. 

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 

This Playstation 3 game is incredibly coveted game and collected much reputation just like the movie. The setting of this game might appear very much shadowy but actually this game is not only about doom and gloom. There are loads of remarkable moment that will amuse you. This Playstation 3 game has all the preferred characters of the books. 

Army of Two 

The Army of Two is the next most well-liked Playstation 3 games that produced by Electronic Arts Company. This game is incredibly suggested for gamer who love to use strategies. This game demands cooperative strategies more than anything as to be thriving coordinated teamwork is a must. 

This Playstation 3 game is without doubt better than standard game based on the loads of features that existing by this game. The feature is including partner AI, which will interact, adapt, work together and learn from their human partner. There are customizable guns so that you can easily and quickly customize and improve dozens of dangerous weapons and then share them with your partner or even offline. 

Army of Two Playstation 3 game is offered on online. Online Army of Two game really redefines two man online gameplay with players perfectly moving from PAI to live players since they make their way through the game. 

Grand Theft Auto 4 

GTA 4 or Grand Theft Auto 4 is just one more much loved Playstation 3 games that you must consider to collect. GTA 4 is such a great game that will never let you to be bored. The GTA series offers you with incredible realism that of course will bring you miraculous game to be played. 

Those three games are just some examples from hundreds of different Playstation 3 games that are offered on the market. It will be a good idea if you take some time and learn about the game first before you determine to buy different Playstation 3 games to observe which game will thrill you the most. 

Renting some Playstation 3 games will turn out to be a great idea as well. This mode will allow you to try them out and determine whether you like the game or not before in the end you purchasing the Playstation 3 games. 

Are you still at sea of knowing more about Playstation 3 games? Just look around and click the links your best answer herein! 

A few months ago a friend entered my apartment to announce that he has decided to perform a very important investment for our future in entertainment. I remained calmly at my sit waiting for him to continue and explain how lucky he was as he managed to find an incredible deal over the internet for the newest version of PlayStation 2. Frankly, I could not believe my ears. I have never played PlayStation in the past and the last video game I have played with my friends when I was still a kid, was an old version of Atari. I could not grasp how someone over twenty-five would pay any amount to become another of those inert players stack in front of their TV screens for hours or even days. But the experience I had when PlayStation 2 entered the premises of my house was not exactly as the one I originally imagined. PlayStation has proven to be an extremely fun and instructive gaming experience. After the first couple of weeks I realized that when someone knows how to keep a balanced life it is possible to spend time exploring this unique gaming experience without the feeling of guilt. 

Produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, PlayStation 2 is the successor of the original PlayStation console that has been a tremendous worldwide success since its original introduction. By March 2005, the sales margin of PlayStation surpassed the 100.49 million units, becoming the first home console to ever reach the threshold of 100 million sold games. Dated back to 1986, Nintendo was the first to attempt to work with disk technology, but after encountering a number of problems Nintendo decided to approach Sony in order for the second to come up with a solution. Soon Sony recognizing the emerging video-gaming market planned to initiate production of its own console, leading Nintendo's management team to cancel all deals and form an alliance with Philips; this time securing control over its licenses on the Philips developed machines. By the end of 1992, Sony and Nintendo reconciled their major differences and Sony launched the first version of PlayStation in 1994 in Japan. By September 1995, PlayStation was introduced to the USA, European and Asian markets and its initial success was a prelude of its future sales breakthrough challenge. 

The extreme popularity of the PlayStation console introduced the term "PlayStation Generation" and titles like Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Gran Turismo, and Silent Hill, have become the favorite pastime games of millions of users worldwide. Having enjoyed over eleven years of continuous videogame production, Sony has announced that the next PlayStation generation, known as PlayStation 3, or PS3, will be launched in November 2006 and will also be a backward compatible device; meaning that it with be able to play all the games that have already been released for the other PlayStation versions. 

Although the genius creators of the PlayStation consoles argue that the new version of this popular videogame will advance the user's experience, I doubt that it will actually manage to have the same success in the desired time frame. A vast variety of other videogame competitors, including the powerful Nintendo, have launched a number of games for their consoles, which have increased users' expectations and have made them extremely conscious regarding their next videogame choice. But, I am sure that my friend and I will continue playing the PlayStation games of our choice, like NBA 2K6 or Grand Theft Auto, as PlayStation 3 will be outside our budget for at least a while. 

If you are a beginner and starting off your gaming experience then PS3 might just be the right choice to make. For the beginner it also offers other multimedia features, which has some stunning high. There are bundles that are available for the novice players which includes the PS3 console, an additional Dualshock 3 wireless controller and a few select games. Once you progress in your gaming experience there are several accessories that can be added on to better optimize your gaming experience. Some of the recommended set of accessories in the market are HDMI cable, charging station, Blu-ray disc remote and movies and of course the all-important Playstation Move for motion gaming.
The PlayStation 3 uses the Blu-ray disc media format, which gives you the best high-definition viewing experience on your television andit is also capable of holding six times as much data as traditional DVDs. This tremendous capacity, combined with the awesome power of the system’s processor and graphics card, promises an endless stream of mind-blowing games and other multimedia content. PS3 can support many formats aside from Blu-Ray such as CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD+R formats. As a PS3 owner you will have free access to the PlayStation Network, where through The PlayStation Store and PlayStation Home, you can download games, game demos, movies, and other content, as well as chat with friends, play mini-games, compete in tournaments and explore dedicated game spaces. You will also be able to preview new games before purchasing them.

As you progress to become a more avid and dedicated gamer then owning the Playstation Move is one of the most important additions to your collection. Be sure to buy the Playstation Move starter bundle which would give you a Move Motion Controller and Move Navigational Controller. This is also one of the most accurate gaming controller for motion gaming. A good game to start testing your new motion controller is the Sports Champion. Since the game features six different sports it gives beginners and experts a range of options. There are other games that can be bought as a bundle when you are purchasing your console.

Another must own accessory is the DualShock 3 wireless Controller which has brought back the rumble experience in gaming. This Bluetooth connected controller is highly sensitive for motion gaming. This controller is also highly sensitive to the point that you can feel the slightest vibrations while playing your favourite game. The controller can be charged by plugging into your PS3 or PC.

Try and look for bundles when you are buying accessories so that you can get your accessory along with all the extra components that go to enhance your gaming experience with the accessory.

One of the questions people ask me the most, is which video games console they should buy - a Wii vs PS3. It's a really difficult question to answer in one sentence because these two consoles are so different from each other. 

The features of both games consoles go beyond simple gaming, and the best console is the one that matches your lifestyle. 

To help you make the right decision, here are the 6 most important features to think about when comparing the Wii vs PS3: 

- Casual gamer or hardcore gamer 
- Type of games 
- Graphics 
- Online features 
- Entertainment system 
- Price 


The Nintendo Wii is designed for people who have never played video games before. The Wii mote controller makes you feel like you're inside the game, and creates a gaming experience that's a real thrill. 

The Wii is at its best when you're playing with a group of friends. 

It always amazes me how much fun we have with our friends every time we play on the Wii. Everyone gets really into it even if they have never played video games before. Playing the Wii definitely has a WOW factor about it. 

In contrast, the Playstation 3 is designed with gamers in mind. Everything from the sleek black lines of the console, to the High Definition graphics and massive hard drive space heightens the senses of more experienced gamers. The PS3 is a great machine for getting some mates together, and spending hours playing the latest shooter or your favorite sports game. 


The simplest reason why the Wii has become such hot property around the world is because the Wii games are easy for everyone to pick up and play. The Wii mote controller is easy to master and most of the games have fairly basic stories. 

Instead of complex characters and cutscenes, Wii games are designed to be highly interactive and a little quirky. The characters are often outrageous and the emphasis of the Wii games is usually more on fun than on winning. 

PS3 games are often part video game and part movie production compared to the Wii games. Action games for the PS3 have complex characters and stories, and the games bring the characters to life through the highly detailed action and cinematic cutscenes that tie in the past, present and future of the main characters. 

Most of the sports games, music games and action games for the PS3 are also available on the Wii, although these are often cut down versions of the PS3 game. The stronger graphics and processing ability of the PS3 make the Playstation's games more complex, more intense, and more satisfying if you're an experienced gamer. 


Although the graphics on the Wii are very, very good, the Wii doesn't have High Definition (HD) capability. The PS3 has full HD capability and the PS3 games have stunning, life-like graphics. 

Most Wii games are designed with bright, crisp graphics. This creates a more playful and relaxed gaming experience that appeals to both younger and less experienced gamers. The graphics in many PS3 games, however, make full use of the HD picture quality, and can be beautiful to look at. 


The Wii has some great online features but not all games can be played against other people online. The Wii Shop is the place to buy downloadable games and software for your Wii. The Wii Shop has lots of great games and Wii Channels to download, and new content is released every week. The Wii's online service is more focused on social networking through the Miis, friends message boards and sharing photos, than on playing games against other people. 

Sony is busy building a social network for PS3 users called "Home" but this has had some major problems and is still under construction! 

The PS3 Store has a good line up of game demos and downloadable content for games, and is a match for the Wii Shop in this area. At this stage the PS3's online features are more focused on playing games against other people online, and this is where the real action is when you go online with your PS3. 


The PS3 is more of a complete entertainment system than the Wii. 

The Wii is made to play video games and occasionally surf the internet through the Wii web browser. The Wii can't play DVDs or CDs, so you'll use it mostly to play games and communicate with your friends over the internet. This isn't an issue though if you already have a DVD player and a CD player. 

The PS3 sells itself as an entertainment system rather than a pure games console. One of the PS3's key features is the built-in Blu Ray DVD player for watching High Definition DVDs. The PS3 can also play regular DVDs, CDs and MP3 music files. You can even store your music on the PS3's hard drive like you do on your computer. 


Nintendo has built the Wii to be a no frills games console that's designed to give you a great gaming experience. It plays great games and it plays them brilliantly! 

Because Nintendo has cut out the expensive entertainment and graphics hardware, the Wii console is relatively cheap at $250 in the US and �179 in the UK. It's affordable to a lot of people, and because the games are not as complicated to make as the PS3 games, the Wii games are cheaper to buy than PS3 games too. 

The PS3 has gorgeous graphics, a High Definition Blu Ray DVD player, a huge hard drive, wireless internet and great looks. But all of this comes at a price... 

The PS3 costs $399 in the US and $279 in the UK. 


These are the 6 most important features to look at when comparing the Wii vs PS3! 

The Wii is a great video games console guaranteed to give you, your family and friends hours and hours of fun and laughter. Although not complicated, the games are fun and quirky and the console is relatively cheap. If you enjoy playing more casual games and you're looking for a video games console that brings friends together for a great time every time, then the Wii is the perfect console for you. 

If you're more of a hardcore gamer and you're looking for a gaming experience that stimulates your senses with stunning graphics, complex stories and a complete High Definition entertainment system to boot, then I recommend spending your hard earned money on a Sony PS3. 

Video games are becoming extremely popular nowadays, and it’s not only brilliant and experienced youngsters which might be in to these games. Mature years have also been asking a lot regarding the subject either as makes for their children or as a way to discuss enjoyable with their whole household. However, many are usually not more comfortable with the specialized developments and complications that several of the present movie games provide and have difficulties determining which games system to pick possibly they have to acquire one in the least. They just don’t want to spend several $ 100 and find out later it has been all extracted on some uncontrollable complex game enjoying system. This information will provide you with advice, to help you to pick the right system to suit your preferences.
Selecting the Best System Related Your requirements Abilities
The best marketed movie Metro Last Light trailer today are not any doubt they Wii, the Panasonic Perform Place 3 along with the Ms Console 360. These can be securely mentioned to become the most effective items the business offers. However, when considered more carefully, you understand, because the capabilities backed and the design strategy utilized by each, they do not discuss the same type of player user profile.
Nintendo Wii is made to discuss the satisfaction of have fun with other close relatives, not implementing out those owed to older years. It is permitted because of the remotes of Wii which can be very user-friendly along with the managing which could be perfected quickly plus in 3-4 months by anyone! The thing that makes this possible could be the movement detecting attributes of the wifi remotes. They furnish the members sense of truly “experiencing the game”. For instance, whenever you play a simulated activity, one seems as if he could be really having a tennis game! Observe, however, that whilst the Wii pictures are of quality, they are certainly not Great Description.

Play Place 3 and Console 360 contest with each other available as they are quite similar regarding what you provide. Aside from providing fantastic games that objectives user information who wish extreme activity and role-play games, their remotes could be as finish media systems. Both of them provide Great Description picture resolution, DVD and CD gamers, plenty of of difficult drive closet, and in the way it is of Perform Place 3, even Blu-ray. Just like the Wii, them provide movement detecting remotes (the “Move” operator for PS3 and also the “Kinect” operator for Xbox) for struggling with the “true feeling” in the activity, nevertheless they has to be purchased as additional components.

In summary, it is quite hard to find out of those three movie Metro Last Light demo for the reason that best, as they focus on different client sections, and in addition they feature different competitive capabilities. One can securely claim though that while the creators Wii originated to the genuine satisfaction of enjoying and giving that satisfaction with close relatives owed for any creation, the Panasonic Perform Place 3 and also the Ms Console 360 were created to experience activity loaded role-play game enjoying in order to provide finish media enjoyment systems.

Today I am going to talk about Starhawk, the upcoming PS3 exclusive game of 2012. Starhawk is the sequel to Warhawk, developed under the supervision of LightBox Interactive. It is a third-person shooter game combining frenetic shooting action with real-time strategy elements. The exclusive feature of Starhawk is the structural placement that allows you to organize structures for your team - anything from walls to bunkers, wherever you want to get that tactical edge. For aerial combat, you have all sorts of jets, mechs, and jeeps.

About Starhawk

Starhawk is a story about two human races. Rifters, who mine for the rift energy, and the Outcasts, a callous genus of humans transformed into psychotic monsters by the rift energy. The Outcasts could slay anyone trying to harvest the rift energy.

The protagonist of the game is Emmett Graves, a hired gunslinger. The society starts to detest Graves since his corruption on exposure to the rift energy. However, he is still able to remain considerably humane. The gamers can play the role of Graves, who goes back to his home in White Sands on planet Dust. There, he faces a bizarre outlaw and his band of outcasts, and finds that his mission means a lot more to him. His attachment is more intense than he could have ever anticipated. Eventually, he takes an important decision of protecting his family and the ones he swore to protect!


Starhawk, as stated earlier, is a successor to 2007's Warhawk. It includes a single player story mode that was once used for Warhawk, but was removed for some reasons.

The game features a new “Build and Battle System" allowing the players to build any kind of structures like bunkers, defenses, etc., and suffices their team needs by giving a feeling of real-time strategy. The game also features special flying mechs and 32 player online battles.

Starhawk is one of the most awaited games of 2012 as it features a host of armaments and a large number of vehicles for fast-paced action warfare, pooled with powerful vehicular warfare on both land and air. The game's inventive "Build and Battle" system allows the players to adjust on-screen action by varying the dynamics of the combat, the way they want. Cool features like classy architecture of the ps3 system, immediate customization provided by “Build and Battle" system, and the breadth of the gameplay, is all that makes Starhawk one of the most promising games of 2012.

The development team has done a great job to give the players a pragmatic sense of actually being in a battleground. The state-of-the-art visual technologies, pulsating characters and atmosphere, combined with dynamic lighting effects, makes it somewhat different and special from other action games. Starhawk also provides a powerful online mode, where players can battle head to head in 32 player matches. The gameplay includes up to 4 players in online and offline cooperative play, and split screen gameplay within multiplayer and co-op modes against an endless attack of enemies.

Besides, Starhawk utilizes a host of online community features that allow players to stay connected all the time. Players can seek clan support with supplementary friend lists and instant match options. They can receive updates about community's events calendar, ticker tape snippets, and a Starhawk android application. This android app allows users to keep track of friends and game statistics when they are offline.

Starhawk Features

Power packed Air, Ground & Vehicular Warfare – Enjoy a thrill-packed battle on ground, vehicles and in the air, by choosing from an arsenal of powerful warfare arms.

Original Build & Battle System – Use any weapon from the arsenal and turn the wind of battle to your side.

Single Player Campaign – Fight against enemies and safeguard your homeland by playing Emmett Graves in this brutal battle.

Epic 32 Player Battle – Engage your enemies in vast battlefields. Personalize look and feel of the game, and customize the skin for characters and vehicles exactly as you want.

Co-op Modes (Online and Offline) – Include your friends via co-op modes, and battle against your enemies to defend your claim against them.

Rich Online Community Features – Get that extra edge by using a set of enhanced community features. Keep yourself updated with community events calendar, android applications, and lot more.

To sum up, I think Starhawk will be a groundbreaking success. If you consider Warhawk as a success, then Starhawk is certainly poised for greater triumph!

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