The biggest differences in electronic cigarettes

 The biggest question that people have when they switch to electronic cigarettes from tobacco cigarettes is always what to choose first. On one hand, there is the two-part cartomizer-based option and on the other part, you get a cartridge atomizer option. Now, without a clear understanding of the differences between these two options, it will be very difficult to know the most appropriate choice. Choice not only depends on the structure of the cartomizer and the atomizer, it also hinges on what the user desires from the usage experience as well as what manufacturers claim to offer with their e-cig brands.

The section below provides a breakdown of the basic qualities of each option against the other. Going through these qualities gives you a thorough analysis of what you should expect. The information helps you narrow down your options. Eventually, it will be easier for you to make your decision. The first part delves into the design differences while the last part highlights the everyday issues affecting users

The wide disparity between cartomizers and atomizers exists because the electronic cigarette is still a novel concept. The industry is in its early stages and innovation remains the most constant characteristic on every manufacturer’s competitive strategy. This means that consumers are still going to see major modifications on the new brands coming to the market. An emerging standard of e-cigs seems as the basic structure of each model. Two structures are dominant, and they respectively use the atomizer or the cartomizer.

The first type of electronic cigarettes comes as three-piece assemblies. They include the battery, the cartridge and the atomizer. The battery powers the atomizer that vaporizes the e-liquid that is inside the cartridge. After usage for a while, the cartridge e-liquid supply will need a refilling. The second type of e-cig uses a two-piece assembly model. You only have the battery and a combination of the cartridge and the atomizer as the name cartomizer suggests.

The elimination of a single part on the cartomizer options makes it easier to use for beginners. It also offers convenient maintenance options. You can use disposable cartomizers that you hook to the battery on every use session. In fact, the overall motivation of creating the two-part e-cig model was to improve the ease of use and correct the problems of leaking cartridges that some users of the three-piece e-cig model faced.

Despite the conveniences, it is still common to find people using the atomizer because of its longevity. Anyone can easily refill an atomizer with e-liquid and connect it to a cartridge. For some, this is a good way of making sure that they have enough supplies of their favorite flavor with the right nicotine concentration. For such cases, the use of cartomizers does not suffice because it demands the purchase of many units for stocking up.

The common feature on both the atomizer and the cartomizer is the high level of e-liquid vaporization efficiency. This basic technology makes electronic cigarettes a worthy replacement of tobacco cigarettes. This means that a user opting for a cartomizer over an atomizer does not necessarily get more health hazards protection than the one who opts for the reverse choice.

Basic design of atomizers

An atomizer is the centerpiece part of the three-piece electronic cigarette model. It has a heater function that vaporizes the contents of the cartridge that hooks to it on one part. The other part of the atomizer connects to the battery. It is replaceable and reusable but it has a maximum usage limit. The atomizer is the unit that enables users to receive their preferred flavors and throat hits. Veteran users know that it is best to have a replacement unit in handy because the lifespan of the atomizer depends on usage patterns. It might last only a month or take up to a year.

Basic design of cartomizers

Cartomizers contain e-liquids and have a mouthpiece. They are convenient because they need no detachment of parts when refilling. In fact, the entire unit is disposable. Users only need to hook them to the battery part as they come prefilled with e-liquid. When purchasing them, the user has to select the preferred e-liquid flavor as well as the design of the cartomizer that appeals to them. The simplicity of the cartomizer improves the access time for vaping. Like traditional cigarettes, the user needs to just power the device and continue vaping. In the traditional sense, he or she would light the cigarette and continue smoking.

Features to consider when deciding between the two

The following are the main differentiating factors that may influence the suitability of either the cartomizer or the atomizer.

Cartomizers gives users cartridge refill options thus given them control over their e-cigs.

Blending of e-liquid with various desirable flavors is possible on both the atomizer and cartomizer.

You can reuse a cartomizer and to do that, you will need to clean, dry and refill it when need arises. It also has to be the reusable type.

Ordinary cartomizers are self-contained and disposable. The two attributes makes them convenient.

Replacements are inevitable for both the cartomizer and the atomizer; the fact to note is that one comes sooner than the other does.

The detached nature of the atomizer creates a feeling of better vaporization efficiency among some veteran e-cig users compared to the cartomizer.

Manufacturers have many cartomizer brands to appeal to different user preferences. Generally, the components offer the most personalization options in electronic cigarettes. Anyone who is past the beginner user level can pick flavors as well as choose sizes, brands and the best style that suits his or her interests.

What appeals to a user may not be the best for another user. Manufacturers understand that personalization options aid in the uptake of electronic cigarettes. In this regard, they are investing more on product development. On the cartomizer and atomizer issues, the verdict on the best one depends on the preference, availability and needs of every user. For all users, the differences and similarities outlined above assist in making an informed choice.