When I started writing online, I had the dream of becoming a multi-millionaire after a few months. I had it all figured out in my mind that if I could just write enough articles on my blog, then I would be able to get all the visitors that I needed to attract. This was one part of the equation in my mind. The other part was that with enough visitors coming to my blog daily, all I would need to do is place a few promotional items that I would be selling as an affiliate, and that would translate into many dollars at the end of every month. I could then pack my bags, get a plane ticket and move to the Himalayas or any other lovely place.

Very well, I know, it looks stupid now, not because it is impossible, but because I did that and got none of what I expected. I was getting into an industry that I knew very little about. I had read a few success stories and therefore thought that I had it all. I was so psyched for success, and I did very little in terms of analyzing my return on investments, my weaknesses, the strength of the business I chose, and above all, I did not know what I was offering to my visitors. I even did not see it as a relationship between my visitors and me. That must have been the biggest limiting factor.

Few months later, after launching my blog, and having about 200 blog posts, I realized that I would not be getting a huge number of visitors as I had anticipated. I was doing something, but whatever I did was not right. The only way to get better results was to change what I was doing. Alternatively, I could just pick up another project, and forget my ambitions of getting rich with a blog. I chose the latter and went on to become a part-time online writer. I still had my day job, and wrote on weekends and at night. I just wrote because I felt like writing, and it was not for the money. During this time, I shut down my blog after deleting every post that I had ever posted. I was angry at failure.

As a paid writer, I started picking some clues about the completely online business thing. My first heart to heart moment was when I realized that I had to define my business, if I was to succeed. I had to sell something, not just anything. I had to cultivate a relationship with my readers, and convert them into customers. I should not have discarded my blog out of frustration. What I need was a realignment of my strategy. To top it up, I should have learned more about what I was doing. I should also have taken time to study the competition and the nature of the industry.

I wish time would take me back so that I could start over again. After having a heart to heart reflection on what I did, I realize that I was foolish to think that I would become a millionaire by just wishing for it. I now know that if that were the case, then everyone would be very rich. In addition, I also now understand the value of having a long-term outlook on my projects.

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