Amazing Bt Broadband Packages Including Bt Infinity

BT have a range of different broadband packages available to suit the needs of different potential users - these range from cheaper packages with decent speeds and monthly usage allowances all the way through to the company's incredible Infinity packages which utilise fibre optic technology for amazing speeds.

Any household looking for fast, reliable and affordable broadband need look no further than BT, which now offers a broadband service which is an incredible 8 times faster than the UK average. This means that broadband users can enjoy ridiculously fast speeds and, with unlimited monthly usage, multiple users will be allowed to download files, stream HD video, play games online and much more - they'll be able to do this all at the same time without them slowing each other down. This is ideal for users that live in a larger household and the house has users who require the internet for high demand tasks such as the ones already mentioned. In addition, because this broadband is so affordable, it means that all users would benefit in financial terms from this particular package - however, there are also alternatives for those who want to pay less and have a monthly usage allowance. 

BT offers its customers a number of different packages with different speeds and monthly allowances, and this is what makes it so popular, as it clearly takes into account what different users need and understand that not all households have the same requirements. Whichever broadband package you opt for, however, you will receive an incredible service which will include free online storage, internet security software and much more. On top of all this there will probably also be all kinds of unbeatable BT Broadband offers on - they often involve gift cards and vouchers for other major UK retailers being offered so that customers can save money in another area.

The most impressive broadband packages that the company has to offer are the BT Infinity packages - it is Infinity which has led the company to have the fastest broadband and become the nation's favourite provider. The company has a network of fibre optic broadband technology which means that anyone in this area can enjoy incredible speeds with its broadband. Infinity 1 has up to 38Mb download speeds and 40GB usage whilst Unlimited Infinity 1 has the same speeds but with unlimited monthly usage. Its most impressive package, however, is the Unlimited Infinity 2 package, which has incredible download speeds of up to 76 Mb along with upload speeds of up to 19Mb and with unlimited monthly usage. This fibre optic broadband network is growing but is still not available everywhere yet, so you will need to check first to see if it is available in your area.

Whether you opt for one of the amazing Infinity packages or a smaller option you will be amazed at the excellent service you are provided with as well as how friendly, helpful and reliable the team at BT is. When it comes to home broadband there really is no better provider as the company offers a range of packages which are all very reliable as well as great value for your money. Take a look today at what BT Broadband offers are currently on, and you are sure to find the right package to suit your needs.

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