Find The Best Bt Infinity Package Suited To Your Household Needs

Some of the reasons for joining BT are that they offer fast reliable unlimited broadband, free internet security and online storage, cheap line rental, the UK? largest collection of on-demand television shows, no long term contract for sports channels and 24/7 free phone and online support.

Currently, BT offers different deals for different types of broadband. For instance, with the basic broadband offers you receive up to 16Mb download speeds, free unlimited Wi-Fi, a BT home hub, and BT family protection for 13 a month for the first year and then 17.90 after, and with BT infinity offers you receive up to 76Mb download speeds, superfast BT infinity, free unlimited Wi-Fi, advanced security and a Bt home hub for 9 a month for the first 3 months, then 18 after that.

The offers including 160Mb download speeds are only available in certain areas of the UK to date. So if you are lucky enough to be in an area that supports this, you are most likely to receive download speeds that are much, much quicker than any where else in the UK.

BT infinity offers benefit users by giving them free Wi-Fi and superfast download speeds. When a deal is purchased there are many offers that give a free 25 or 50 Sainsbury? gift card. Each of the infinity offers come with evening and weekend calls included, although you still have to pay monthly for the line rental.

If you are currently not a BT customer, but would like to be, give BT a call and they will be able to deal with your current provider and keep your home phone number so you don? have a new number to remember and hand out to friends or work colleagues. Along with the sorting out of your phone number, BT will also post any equipment needed to get you started on the network, such as a BT home hub.

BT installation is not yet available to self install. Unlike other providers that allow installation to be done in your own time by you, BT wants to ensure it is done correctly, and so send out an engineer to come and install it for you at the nearest available time after purchase. The installation takes about 3 hours to complete, so you will have to ensure you have that amount of time on your hands to stay with the person in charge of installing BT into your home.

The BT home hub gives BT? best wireless signal and detects and avoids Wi-Fi interference. The hub also comes with a built in power saving mode, which it switches to automatically when not connected and instantly returns to full power mode as soon as a device is connected or internet traffic is detected. As well as it being BT? best wireless device for signal, it has strong wireless ?technology which ensures you get a more reliable connection throughout your home at all times.

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