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A small business owner maybe king of his territory till such time it comes to accounting and bookkeeping. This is an Achilles’ heel for most business owners as they don’t usually come from such a background. Simply put, this is one area of business where they are thoroughly humbled and completely dependent on their accountants.

How do business owners feel about this?

They feel insecure and often feel ripped off. This is because they are used to handling everything themselves, and not being able to handle this one crucial thing is quite upsetting. Also they have to pay the accountant heavily for all the time. This means a good chunk of money is going this way; money that can be put to much better uses. It is safe to say that small business owners crave independence with accounting and bookkeeping but have very little means of getting there.

Accounting software does not really solve the problem

There is tons of accounting software classes that is being pitched to small business owners under the idea that they could manage their own accounting at the end of the course. However, the truth is that there are only a few business owners who do that. Invariably, the majority of business owners drop out from the classes since they simply don’t have the time and patience to commit to this. Typical accounting software is designed for accountants and it is only understandable if business owners quit.

Accounting software for the self employed is the need of the hour

There is no point in business owners being taught software that is meant for accountants. It takes too much time and energy and it is simply not worth the effort.
What they need is free self employed accounting software. Accounting software that is actually designed for their usage. This means the software should not contain any accounting terms that laymen are unfamiliar with.  Luckily, there is such software already available in the market. Handdy Accounts is one such software that is actually free self employed accounting software.

It is completely rid of jargon and it is incredibly easy to use. The idea is to make accounting possible even for non accountants. It does this successfully. Handdy Accounts offers a free version, which you could use till such time you get a hang of the software. It is inexpensive and so many business owners have found solace in it.

With such software in place, business owners need not rely too much on their accountants.

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