Taking Broadband To The Next Level With Bt Infinity Deals

Fibre-optic technology allows information and data to be transferred at much faster speeds than the copper wire system used in more traditional broadband, and this makes it a fantastic option for those who need to perform complex internet-based tasks as quickly as possible.
Households where all members are heavy internet users who stream and download on a regular basis will benefit because the power and speeds that fibre-optic technology can deliver allow all users on the same network to perform complex tasks simultaneously without slowing each other down. Fibre-optic technology is not available in some rural areas but, with new networks being laid down all the time, it will only be a matter of time before it is.

While almost all of the UK's major providers offer a fibre-optic option or three, many customers opt for the services provided by BT purely because it's a familiar option, having been around for over a century helping to keep UK residents connected to each other. BT broadband deals have been lauded in the past for the quality of service in the first place as well as the high level of customer support provided when things go pear-shaped, and the three fibre-optic deals it currently offers customers aim to enhance the company's Reputation.

Admittedly, these BT Infinity deals don't offer the very fastest speeds that the technology has been proven to deliver, but customers nevertheless get a lot of bang for their buck. Each broadband deal out of necessity includes a landline that includes Evening and Weekend calls as well as speeds of at least 38Mb/s (the Unlimited BT Infinity 2 deal offers at least 76Mb/s), which is still far more than the average copper wire broadband service will provide. There are also a number of extras which are provided with each deal, such as a BT Home Hub which ensures that you have as smooth a connection as possible for as long as you are online, with an automatic "low power" setting which is activated when you log off so you don't have to waste money on high power usage when you're not actually using it.

When it comes to monthly data usage allowances, the BT Infinity 1 deal gives users 40GB while the Unlimited BT Infinity 1 and 2 deals have no limit, meaning that users can download, stream and play as much as they like without having to worry about incurring extra charges or penalties regarding their connection. In addition, BT Vision television, which is gaining quite a reputation in the digital television market, can be added to any broadband deal for varying extra fees to be paid every month.

Ultimately, the company provides everything you could possibly have any need for in order to make your online experiences as trouble-free as possible. Why not log on to its website today to see how signing up to fibre-optic broadband can benefit you?

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