Equity Bank Systems and ATMs down. Keithi Kilonzo saga exposing IEBC to doubt about its systems

It is 6th July 2013 and ATMs at Equity Bank still down for the fourth day and no one is talking about it. Equity bank needs to advice customers on what to do.

On Saturday morning, 6th July 2013, those who wished to deposit money to company or other people's account we asked not to do so, because the system was down, and thus unable to offer verification of deposits. Those depositing to their own accounts, had to put up with filling two deposits forms so that they can retain one as their proof of deposit.

James Mwangi, the present CEO of Equity Bank is known world-wide for success, and Maizecob is waiting to see how he will steer his team ahead, now that their core banking system is down.

At least that is what Maizecob thinks, as more details emerge, then it would be possible to say what is really happening at Equity.

In the current news scenario in Kenya, some people are asking who has a bad day between the bank and the governor candidate for Makueni County, Keithi who is at pains, trying to show that indeed, she is a registered voter.

The question on this one is why does it take two details to verify a detail that would have been captured on the database of IEBC. Maizecob thinks this would be just a matter of querying the database and finding out the truth, but instead, it has been a tribunal of some sorts.

Anyway, have a nice day.

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