Free write topics for college

I longed to get to college and be free to explore. Now as I look back, I wish my tutors, lecturers, professors, classmates and guardians had asked me to write about these
topics as a way of helping me prepare for what lies ahead. The following are the six free write topics for college that are necessary have for anyone looking to write while in college.

1.    discuss the importance of literature in college education

2.    do you think the world of the next century will be worse than that of the last century

3.    should parents allow their children to smoke

4.    is abortion good

5.    what is your take on self employment

6.    how can you avoid recession

When people get to college, they become free of parents in some way, and free from the state in another way. They have all the time to experiment and explore their hobbies. They are quite active in their pursuits for excellence in their own way. College is a defining moment for anyone. Nurture this time by writing about things that force you to look at different ends of the same situation. College is about questioning, so any dilemma topic on issues affecting the society is welcome. Remember you can get more free writing topics for college by asking for them in the comments section.

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