Free write topics for high school

Check out what our readers think are the five most incredible topics that anyone looking for, free write topics for high school can use.

1.    why do humans laugh at jokes

2.    how can someone be disciplined without being cold on others

3.    what does it mean to make passive income

4.    what is retirement, and when should people start planning for it

5.    How can you write your way to happiness and fulfillment?

High school goers are mostly teenagers, who are experiencing adult life for the first time and its conflicting with their childhood life. Help them cope with the ideas of being adults, and the best way to do that is by giving them tough adult topics that affect the entire population, even though no one talks about it mostly. This should make them sweat as they think of what to write, and in the process, they will be able to conquer anything else that gives them lower stress levels. They might come out very shallow in their research, and that is okay.

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