How to get ideas for writing a book

Stop searching and start practicing what you find, with this straightforward five proven ways of how to get ideas for writing a book.

1.    write outlines that fill only one foolscap
2.    travel to far countries by reading about them, watching them and hearing about them
3.    Kill an animal for food and then talk about it, then philosophize its merits and demerits. Come up with a formal paper that you will turn into a book
4.    just fake it, get ghostwriters, edit their work and then come up with your book from that
5.    talk to publishers and see what they prefer to publish then choose that as your book

In looking for help on how to get ideas for writing a book, you came to this article in the hope of finding a magic pill that will catapult you to the magic words, “the end”, when you are done with your book. The truth, and nothing else, is that you have to fail at writing, and to do that, you must write.

So, commit to writing a crappy book, finish the book, and then begin writing your less crappy book, using some of the ideas highlighted above, and others that you will find with the help of big brother Google.

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