How to get ideas for writing

Four ways that, you can use now, on how to get ideas for writing.

Whether you are writing fiction or anything else, without ideas, you are doomed. I will tell you and show you how to get ideas for writing, but first I need to know whether you are really a writer. You might just be some other person who needs to get over a text message task, and you my friend are not part of what I describe as a writer. To me, a writer is someone who writes at least 500 words in a day, and those words must come off his or her head. Are you still there?

1.    Read a book and then summarise it in what you believe are your own words.
2.    Catch a movie when you dont feel like it, then try to describe the movie to a fictitious friend in 1000 words.
3.    Watch sitcom because they are full of topics that, anyone, even a toddler, can write about.
4.    Look at your girlfriend or boyfriend and describe him or her in an awkward way

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