How to get ideas to write a story

Five sure ways of get past the agony of how to get ideas to write a story

1.    check out obituaries

2.    check out what people write on walls, and in washrooms

3.    see how people describe them in dating sites and looking for love pages on newspapers

4.    pick the life of your friend, then imagine it in a different way

5.    never pick story ideas from novels and other stories, you will turn out to be a fraud

Check out hay festivals like the story moja hay literary festival that takes place annually in Nairobi, Kenya.

Hay festivals bring together writers and readers so they are great places to find ideas and meet people with the ideas that you are looking for, inn your writing journey.

When you are done with these great ideas, turn over to your inner feelings and ask yourself what would be different if you just saw the world from a different perspective. That is what it takes to come up with a masterpiece, but remember to write as if no one will ever read that piece, ever.

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