Insane ideas that earn you big money with online writing gigs on elance, freelancer, guru and iwriter

As far as many people know, writing online is all about the pennies and occasional dollars. Many project requesters in marketplaces like Elance, Freelancer, Guru, Iwriter and the likes prefer to get their work
cheap. On the other hand, the supply of writers is just too much to match the demand, and this goes on to skew the equilibrium in favor of the requesters. Let this situation not fool you, as a writer, into giving up the idea of earning enough for every writing piece that you do. The scenario of too much supply and just a little demand applies to content mills, and hack writers who have an hourly pay ingrained in their mindset.

You on the other hand, are a great writer, who is in high demand; it’s just that your marketing sucks. Yes, if it did not, you would be sending rejection letters or emails to requestors right now. Your marketing sucks and that is why you are finding it hard to get jobs. On the other hand, the requestors that you are looking for are buried in the dust created by all these hack writers and crack requesters who jump up and down, while running to god knows where.

It’s your duty, and calling, if I may add, to get out there through your writing, so that people can see it and say, she is good. Not great but good, and reliable, and I want that, and so, I am going to get this writer and pay enough money to retain him or her as part of my suppliers of written content.

This can work for companies, for individuals, for groups, for entities and for anything and everything out there that you can think about. With that, you have to specialize. The pool is too big and deep. Find your spot, get comfortable, and mark your territory. It’s okay to say no to other jobs. It is just like saying no to girls you do not like. Anytime you say yes to a girl you do not like, you jeopardize your chances of finding the one whom you like. I believe the lesson applies to girls too.

Never ever start a project without knowing what you will earn, and how much it’s going to cost you. Sometimes greed and hopelessness leads many to fall prey to well-calculated tactics of shrewd requesters who ask them to deliver extra at half the normal price, all in the name of getting a better rating and more jobs in future.

That is just the classic way of being a doormat. Do you expect the requester/client to think that, well I think he is good now, and I can start paying him more money, really? Do not fall for such pranks. Just take what you know is fair, and worry less about unfair.

  • If you are a writer, then you know what you are supposed to do daily, which is to write. 
  • The next thing you should do is distribute your writing widely so that everyone who is interested in finding a good writer can find you. 
  • Lastly, you should only take a fair price, and nothing else. This way, you retain your pride, you feed yourself, and you enjoy your work.

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