Error During Install - Required Cd/dvd Driver Is Missing - Window 7 - Acer V5

I was  recently stuck at a process of installing windows 7 on an acer v5 121 mini laptop. I was using a usb thumb drive that contain my windows installation packages. I used a tool called rufus to create a bootable usb disk that could then install the operating system on the acer v5 121 mini laptop.

The problem was that I was getting something similar to this:
"Required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing." From doing a lot of research, it seems this error has nothing to do with my DVD drive but has to do with the SATA Controller Driver. So I try to load the 64bit drivers for the SATA controller and it finds them okay but when i try to install, it says something like "no new devices found". The SATA Driver(s) are the only it ever finds, except for the time I enabled Raid... Then those drivers showed up as well but with the exact same results.

The solution that works is to change the port that you are using to install Windows. In my case, I was plugging the usb drive onto a USB3.0 port and that is why the installation media was unable to find drivers for it.

If you are using any hardware that is fairly beyond what window seven natively supports, then you can brace yourself for the same error - Required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing –

My zero moment of truth online made me realize that a lot of people are already having trouble with the same issue, its either their  USB 3.0 ports that are missing drivers, or their SSD storage media or something similar.

Since windows 7 did not have terms for those new options, it will just give you a standard error message that a CD-ROM driver is missing, when the case could be that it should say, as in my case, that a USB 3.0 driver is missing.

Anyway, you might also want to check for more solutions online, but what I just did was to switch the USB drive to another port on the right side of the mini laptop which is USB 2.0. You can tell the type of port on Acer by the color inside. A usb 3.0 port is blue inside, while the standard ports are black. Make sure you install the drivers for the usb 3.0 port later, or else you wont be able to transfer files using that port.

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