SONOS Android users needed for a beta test

Attention folks and Sonos fans,

There is an appeal posted on July 6 in the sonos forum whose title is:

Seeking Android Users for Open Beta Test

Yes, that is right.

And the details for the appeal are:

"Do you have an Android smartphone or tablet? Would you be interested in testing out the next version of Sonos software? 

If so, Sonos is looking for testers like you. If you would be interested in using a great new Sonos feature and participating in our beta program, please head over to to sign up.

Thanks for your interest and happy listening!"

Since Maizecob team is much interested in all things Sonos, we thought it wise to also share this little piece of information with you guys. Remember, you can always find out all the reviews about sonos equipment on this site and elsewhere, where we intelligently send you.

Have a nice time folks.

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