Best Bose Cinemate 1SR Review

A compact soundbar or subwoofer is still able to fight with the toughest movies.

When it comes to Bose, things are different; you might as well call the Cinemate 1SR a sound array, instead of a soundbar.
Going with that flow, you should also call the sub an Acoustimass module. At least it deserves that name. We know Bose is always coy; it doesn't want to dish out specifications to anyone. As a result, it’s hard to tell the power output of the Cinematic 1SR and the sub. However, that does not mean that we cannot give you what we already know here at Maizecob. Well, the array has five drivers and it uses a cable to connect. You can also connect wirelessly to the sub a.k.a. Acoustimass module.

We like the units; they are quite compact.

The sub should be kept out of sight; after all, its main purpose is the bass, not visuals. We are working here without HDMI ports, so you will not be able to connect to the Blu-ray's hi-res Doubly TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio formats. Again, you can say goodbye to HDMI switching, at least for now. Meanwhile, you can work with what is available, and that is coaxial. Optical and stereo phono inputs.

We again like the bar/array because it will fit under most flat screens, and you can always mount it, but why bother. The thing has no buttons; it also has no LCD screens, and no docks for your iPod or its equivalent. Given that, it has a height of about 64mm; it will fit well, and blend in with the rest of your installations. Your sound output has been taken care of courtesy of Bose Flexmount tech. So, you do not need a technician.

As already mentioned, there are little complications, so the set up will just be straightforward, even for someone who has little knowhow when it comes to electronics.

Let's talk about clarity and impact, because that is what you are buying.

Remember, you can always follow up on the review comments from other users to see if this is really the unit for you, then come back to Best Bose Cinemate 1SR Review to get a second opinion.

The Cinemate 1SR does not have a hi-res decoding. After saying that, you would think that the movie performance is crooked, but that is far from the truth. We loved the movie performance. In fact, it was exceptional. If you want a good experience, try it with big dynamic soundtracks. A good pick would be a movie like The Avengers

The sound makes you think that things that pan from left to right are actually on top of your head, and that is how a movie experience should be. The clarity applies to muttered dialogue, and you can expect the same on orchestrated music, which you will find filling in your room.

The only caveat is that you have to work with good movie or music sources. The Cinemate 1SR lacks an equalizer, this means that when the sound balance is poor from the source, you will have to put up with that. We trust that you will only get original doubly surround movies, CD etc. Alternatively, you can hook up an external equalizer in your set up, before directing the sound signals to your Cinemate 1SR.

In a word, we like it.

This is the best sound clarity you can get on lo-res.

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