Can Green Tea Help Me Loose Weight?

Antioxidant compounds have a tremendous positive influence on abdominal fat loss and scientific studies now show that green tea is full of these antioxidants. They are known as catechins, a sub-class of flavonoids, which lead to higher body metabolism rates. 

According to the Journal of Nutrition that publishes scientific reports on various nutrient elements of certain foods, the catechins contained in green tea are directly responsible for a higher than normal weight loss when taken regularly.

Weight loss occurs through the generation of more energy in the body, and an increased oxidation of fat. The result of this process is the increased consumption of body fat that would otherwise be stored as future energy reserve. All that happens within the biological systems of the body, specifically metabolic organs, but the effects are visible outside the body, in terms of a leaner attractive body shape. The caffeine in the green tea is not responsible for the weight loss; therefore, it would be futile for anyone to attempt taking other forms of caffeinated beverages and hope for the same results.

In actual figures, scientists estimate that the tea extracts cause a 4 percent increase in energy expenditure during the day. Though this percentage appears small, the major weight loss influence occurs as a by process, where the rate of thermogenesis, the body’s normal rate of calorie burning process, increases by at least 35 percent. It reaches 43 percent for some people.

Other than the fact that green tea will aid weight loss, it has no side effects among healthy people and those who are suffering from various ailments. As such, this is a good remedy for people fighting obesity who do not want to rely on prescription drugs that cause and increase in bold pressure. Those with thyroid disease are also encouraged to use this option because they are sensitive to other stimulants. 

Now that you are aware of these benefits, your next step would be to visit a credible health food store or grocery and get your supply in its natural form as as a supplement for daily use. Green tea will help you meet your weight loss goals.

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