iOS 7 review

iOS 7 is a new mobile operating system by Apple that will see iOS 6 users upgrading to, if they have not done so already. It is so different from what they are used and should expect many changes which are for the best. If you are an iPhone or iPad user or enthusiast, then the following review is best suited for you. You are going to find out why, iOS 7 is the most tremendous attempt by the design and engineering team at Apple, to create what will arguably be the best mobile device operating system to date.

Bold New Look 

You are going to be in a visual shock if you have been ignoring the internet and if you are using iOS 7 for the first time. Apple has overhauled the look of iOS 7 completely from the start screen to the default apps’ icons, status bar indicators, system fonts, notification center etc. In addition, there are new sounds (ringtones and notification cues). The catch here is that everything now works, looks and feels as one with the other, therefore, users experience a fluid transition while navigation any area of their iPhones or iPads.
The new look is designed with bright, bold colors with more clean lines and few textures, shadows and gradients. The transparency effects give a sense of background and foreground elements.
The visual changes grow on an individual with time and they are quite pleasant.

Control Center 

This is an incredibly brand new feature for iOS 7. It provides quick access these apps and features:
- Bluetooth
- Wi-Fi
- Rotation lock
- Do not disturb mode
- Media player controls (Airplay and AirDrop)
- Key apps (Timer, calculator and camera)
- Flashlight


Airdrop made its debut on the Mac as an addition feature to OS X. Airdrop, a service that allows sharing of files with anyone on the same network with a single tab. The recipient will then approve the request and add the file his/her iPhone.
It is the simplest way of sharing images from one device to another person’s device and requires a few steps when compared to sending an email. With AirDrop on iOS 7, you have two options:
1. Make a file available to anyone on your current network or
2. Lock down the file to your contacts only.
Besides visual update, Siri adds new voices which are designed to make them seem human and other additional data sources such as Bing, Wikipedia and Twitter. It can return phone calls, playback voicemail which are plus especially if you are driving. Addition of Siri has resulted in the removal of its beta tag which seems more generally useful. For lack of a better phrase, you can say Siri has grown up.


Multitasking is a new app switcher that learns your habits and updates content in the background depending on how regularly you use your apps and when you are connected to Wi-Fi and power. This helps avoid energy and burn.
This new feature shows you a preview of the app in the state it was in at close. To close apps in this screen, swipe up. 

iTunes Radio 

iTunes Radio is a no-limits streaming service that is available through an ad-supported model or if you are an iTunes Match subscriber, it is without ads.


Safari is apple’s mobile web browser that lets chrome melt into the background. It gives you a new experience by making the address bar and the bottom navigation bar fade away when you are on a page. The address bar is also a unified search bar.
You do not have to go to settings every time you want incognito because Apple has put a private browser right in the main app. In addition, there is a new tab browser that lets you page through and view multiple open tabs at once much more easily.


The photo app applies basic organizational logic to your picture library making it easier to find to browse based on locations and date and find specific moments. You can easily zoom out and see your entire mobile photos’ history.
In addition, a shared photo album tab is included and this works with iCloud photo sharing and a photo map that allows you to browse your picture history on Apple’s built-in Map.

Notification Center 

The new Notification center in iOS 7 is an improvement from the previous version. It has a today panel: that shows you birthdays and events for a given day including stocks, weather updates and upcoming events you can note down and set calendar events and alarms.
The list of all and missed notifications will be displayed just by swiping. This will show you the things that were sent by your app in total or those sent since you last checked your device.


The camera has an interface that brings all modes out into the open instead of hiding features behind buttons. The key component to know is that there is a new slider for each camera function. The video slider is at the far left and the panorama slider is at the far right.
The camera also has live filter, applicable before filming and the ability to take burst shots and slow motion video on the iPhone 5s.

App Store and Find My iPhone 

Find My iPhone in iOS 7 includes tools that make it easier to protect and recover lost or stolen devices.

The new popular near me feature in the app store makes discovery easier on iPhone’s growing software library. In addition, it is quite helpful if you are a visitor looking for relevant apps in a new spot.

Find My iPhone comes with new advanced security features such as not being able to wipe or turn of Find My iPhone without an Apple ID or password. In addition, it can display a message on a device that has been swiped so as to easily recover lost data and hardware.

To sum up, this is a radical redesign of the most intuitive mobile OS in the world. Its possible to update your device over the air, to the new iOS 7. All new devices come with this new version. Now, after reading this, go on and enjoy the 3D object view on all sections of the new iOS 7 interface. One last word is that, those with the latest devices like iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s get the best experience.

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