Top 5 Things to Ask Your Pool Builder

Before hiring a pool builder, you must do your research. This is one way of making sure that you are getting the right Arizona pool builders firm for the job and that you get value for your money. Doing research is easy as long as you know what you are looking for and where to find the information. To start you off, here are five critical questions that you must ask any pool builder before hiring them.

1. Do you have a landscape architect

Having a professional who knows how to design and fix features into a landscape to make it attractive, and relevant to the environment is important for any pool building project. Only Arizona pool builders companies that have such a professional are able to do a good job. If the company does not have its own landscape architect then it should provide you with a reference to a subcontracted one so that you can make follow ups.

2. May I see the list of references

Most companies are willing to provide a list of their client references as standard practice. You should probe deeper and ask for the references of the project manager and other key staffs who will be assigned to your project. Arizona pool builders might have a good reputation, but the person you contact is not always the person who will be at your disposal on site. It is good to know the competencies of those who will be on the ground. Once you get the references, you should call them to verify any claims made by the company and to find out anything that may concern you and your project.

3. What is the status of your license, bond and insurance cover?

Knowing the status of a license helps you avoid taking unnecessary risk. If a company’s license is suspended, then there is no reason for dealing with it. Another thing to look at is the bond that the Arizona pool builders have. A bond guarantees you that the Arizona pool builders will be able to honor claims issued against them. The limits of the bond has to be larger than the total value of the project. The insurance cover is for liabilities claims that you might make against the company. This is usually a necessary precaution that shows the seriousness of the company and protects you against loss by guaranteeing compensation when its not your fault.

4. Is it possible to visit some of your projects?

Being able to see what the company has done so far is an excellent way of telling how capable it is. It also gives you an impression of whether the Arizona pool builders will be able to handle your project’s unique environmental factors such as local authority regulations, local weather challenges and project design features. 

5. How long have you and your staffs been in business?

Experience is a valuable resource for any company. A company can be in business for very long, but it’s staffs may be relatively new. In other cases, Arizona pool builders can still have the competencies of their old counterparts because they hire employees with a lot of experience in pool building. Knowing where the company stands in experience helps you to make the right hiring decisions.

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  1. @ Admin ,,,good blog! Yes it is really important to investigate about the pool contractor about his license, certificate , insurance and everything that defines a good contractor. As private custom made pool are in trend and it also used as a medium of relaxation,,,You need to be very careful when opting for a pool contractor.


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