Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers User review comparison with logitech z230

Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers
•    High-quality audio performance, with clear sound at any volume.
•    Use the auxiliary input to bring Bose performance to another audio source such as your iPhone or iPad. Upgrade your sound-and your experience-with Bose Companion 2 Series III speakers.
•    Play an additional device-just connect to the auxiliary input
•    Volume control/headphone jack on front of right speaker

Bose is known for expensive gear, so for $99, I would say these speakers give you the most sound for the money. Frankly I am astonished Bose could produce a $99 speaker that sounds so good, in view of their expensive speaker lineup.

A bit of background - I currently own the Bose Companion 3 series II, the Soundlink II and the previous version of Companion 2, the Series II. The Series III has better base than the Series II, and slightly better treble, but the Series II has better midrage. Both the Series II and Series III blows the Soundlink II (bluetooth speaker) out of the water. There is simply no comparison. The Series II is good for vocals, Jazz, Classical and the like. The Series III improves on this and sounds better on rock, pop and music with more bass. Of course none of these speakers can compare to the Bose Companion 3. The dedicated sub-woofer of the Companion 3 is orders of magnitude better in bass response, and the two satellite speakers has better high end as well.

Design wise it is very similar to the Series II with the same ports and controls, except it is now in black - which is good because it matches more laptops/PCs. The previous silver version is good but does look a bit out of place on an all black setup (I have black monitor, black laptop and black mouse).

The speaker cable length is just nice, as I do not want too long a cable length to clutter my desktop. Bose is designing this setup for laptops, not so much for desktop PCs.

Overall excellent product from Bose, and definitely well worth the $99!
I just installed these speakers on my HDTV, and they are outstanding. I have them in a 400 square foot room. The sound is outstanding! I am so impressed with them that I had to write my first ever review. They installed just like they would on my computer--very, very easily. I can't believe how amazing they are especially since they were not terribly expensive.
I have a pair of Logitech Z320 speakers I was looking to upgrade. I did some research and decided to give these a try. Here is my comparison between the two.

Bose Companion 2 series III

Bose Companion 2 series III: More bass and treble. They had a weird almost reverb type of effect that almost muddied the sound some. Not really noticeable for an untrained ear but I noticed it. I like the headphone jack in front. The 1/8" cable to go to the computer is way short. If you have your computer on the left side then this cable is way too short (the right speaker has all the hookups in the back so your pc would have to be on your right side for it to reach). Why they could not make it a little longer I don't know. They seem well built for being plastic. When the volume gets past 3/4 the music cuts out in a strange way,it doesn't distort but cuts out. No light on the front to let you know if its on or not.

Logitech z230

Logitech Z320: More mid range,less bass and treble. 1/4 the price of the Bose. No weird reverb effect. When the volume gets past 3/4 it distorts and does not cut out. A little less loud then the Bose,the Bose are not way louder as you might expect. Orange light on front when on. Headphone jack on the side of the right speaker. A little cheaper made plastic.

Sound wise I would give the Bose the edge but not for 4 times the price. Its only $100 but you can get the logitech for about $26 and they are not that much worse. I have some studio monitors that cost $500 each so I have a pretty good reference.

MY vote? Logitech Z320 overall
Update. I ended up getting the creative T20 speakers. They are much better overall speakers. Good balance of bass and treble without the weird reverb effect or cutting out. I still have my Z320's and use them for outside mp3 player listening.
it is amazing how you got a very deep and balanced sound without a subwoffer. perfect for desktop even a low volume

Having heard so much about the legendary Bose quality and at the same time taking note of the relatively modest price of these speakers, I was not expecting to be impressed. I've never been so happy to be disabused of a notion. While small in stature (7.5" H, 3.1" W, 5.9" D) and taking up very little real estate on my overcrowded desk, these little speakers deliver rich, full sound. I've been playing a wide variety of music from Captain Tractor to Gustav Mahler at varying volume levels and everything sounds better than it did with my old system. Bose delivers a good strong (though to my ears, not overpowering) bass which I prefer but it doesn't skimp on the highs and mid-range either. Even at relatively high volumes, I noticed no muddiness or distortion which is common with speakers of lesser quality.

Set up was simple and intuitive and took just minutes. Although the audio cable is somewhat short at under 4 feet, it presented no problem for me and of course, should you need one, longer cables are inexpensive and widely available. In case you want to hook up another device there's a handy auxiliary input on the back of the right speaker. In addition, on the front of the same speaker there's a headphone jack. I only wish there were a light to indicate when the speakers were on.

I think Bose did an excellent job of turning out a quality product that produces very good sound for a most reasonable price.
I was on the fence for years before deciding to buy these. I thought $99.00 was too much for a pair of PC speakers with no sub-woofer. After experiments with tiny sound bars, USB and battery-powered toy speakers, I finally took the plunge and went for these. I couldn't be happier with the sound I get from these. Sometimes, you do get what you pay for.
The sound is decent but does not get loud enough.

Great sound!

This review is from: Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers (Personal Computers)
Great for the price. I've been using the Logitech Z623 as my desktop speakers. The Logitech produces okay sound quality with excellent bass. The Logitech is a 2.1 system (two satellite speakers and 1 subwoofer). The Bose Companion is a 2.0 system (no subwoofer) and it produces very good sound quality overall. Set up is very easy. Basically, I just took the speakers out of the package, plugged it in, and enjoyed the show. The bass is not as strong as the Logitech but it's still very good. I don't really like the build quality. Personally, the old version looks better. Overall, if you're looking for something compact but doesn't want to sacrifice sound quality, the Bose Companion is a very good choice.
I've had a few different computer speakers over the years (HK soundsticks, Axiom Audiobytes, Logitech Z623, Audioengine A2) so I will do some comparisons later in this review. I spent some time with these Bose speakers listening to various music genres and TV programs.


-Pretty good in all frequency ranges. There is a smooth sound quality when listening to music. They are not harsh or shrill. There is no overemphasis of treble or bass. Everything blends together well.
-There is surprisingly good bass for a 2.0 set. Nothing that will shake the room but enough to make a difference on your desk.
-The speakers are lacking a little bit of crispness and clarity in the high range where vocals and voices exist. But unless you are doing immediate A-B comparisons with other speakers, you would be hard-pressed to notice. They are not so lacking in crispness that you would call them muddled.
-You can play them loud enough to fill a large room without distortion.


-These aren't showy speakers. There is no metal trim or glossy finish. They are minimalist with matte surfaces and look fine in an industrial, utilitarian sort of way. There is a slight upward angle of the speakers which helps direct the sound right at your ears and not bouncing off your desk.
-There is no on/off switch. You turn the volume dial all the way down which clicks to turn the speakers off.
-No LED's. That's a positive if you use these in a bedroom.
-No bass adjustments or any other adjustments for that matter.


-The computer audio out cable which connects to the right speaker is only 4 ft. A lot of people may need to buy a longer cable such as Cables to Go 3.5mm Male to Male Stereo Audio Cable
-The connecting wire between speakers is 6 ft.


-I did A-B comparisons with the Logitech Speaker System Z623 which are priced in the same range. I was very impressed with the Logitech's and you can read my review there for more details.
-The Logitech's obviously have more thumping bass being a 2.1 system but you also have to deal with a big subwoofer. The Logitech high-end vocal clarity was superior to the Bose. But this difference is not huge and is only readily apparent if you are switching back and forth between the speakers. Overall, I prefer the Logitech's but would have no qualms with the Bose if I was looking for set without a subwooofer.
-The Bose are significantly superior to the Audioengine A2 and significantly inferior to the Axiom Audiobytes.


-I've always cast a skeptical eye toward Bose products given their history of over-marketing. I was happy to find that Bose has delivered a nice, solid set here at a reasonable price. They sound good but not great and will be perfectly fine for most people as computer speakers. If you are looking for something of significantly better sound quality, you are probably going to be spending a lot more or going with a separate component setup.
Still other customers had something else to say, which you might be interest in.
These are far better speakers than the cheap plastic set that I previously was using on my work computer, which was putting out a pretty tinny sound. You get what you pay for. I like the idea of getting speakers that will have good bass, and will not require a subwoofer, as my office is enough of a mess (with space at a premium), so I don't have room for a subwoofer. The Bose set can be plugged into a computer, or directly into an iPod (though, they won't charge the iPod). I tested this on both my computer (podcasts) and my iPod (for music). Nice full sound, with good bass on music, and talk podcasts also sounded quite good. My only two issues with these speakers are: 1) the power cord could be a lot longer - you should plan on having your outlet/power strip pretty close to your computer (mine isn't), and 2) the overall volume is going to be dependent on turning up your master volume (on either your computer, or dialing it up on your ipod) - I feel the volume could still be louder, as I had my master volumes up pretty high, and I still had to turn the dial up a fair amount to get it as loud as I wanted for music. But overall, these are pretty good speakers for computer and iPod use.
This isn't your home theater with that $300 receiver to power your speakers. That being said, these put out some really great sound for a pair of computer speakers. And their footprint is average, not too large. There is no sub in the package, but for my purposes the sound was great without it.

I had some Logitech Speakers Z130, but over the course of a few years, I was starting to get static creeping into the audio. And after plugging in the Bose speakers, I noticed that my Logitech weren't as even. It's incredible really, the audio sounds like when I'm wearing a good set of earbuds: Like it's coming from the middle of my head instead of from the speaker itself.
I also appreciate the mic jack on the main speaker.

+ PRO +

It's Bose. :)
Even sounds. No delay between sides.
Price is seemingly low for the brand name.

- CON -

Have been using the companion 2 series 2 speakers for several years and was very happy with them. When I saw the series 3 at a local store I decided to see if they were any better than the series 2. They are exactly the same size. They are now black, rather than gray. I like the black more than the gray. The input jacks are now mini jacks rather than the RCA jacks on the series 2, which is an improvement. The series 3 can be turned off with the volume control, the series 2 had no on/off control. It was on all the time. The series 3 draws so little power I leave them on all the time anyway. NOW THE BIG QUESTION: DO THEY SOUND BETTER THAN THE SERIES 2? In my opinion, they sound exactly the same as the series 2 they replaced. So unless you want any of the features new to the series 3, I would recommend saving your money. The series 2 was a great product, and so is the series 3. Bose makes outstanding products.

Sounds really good for the size, just don't expect to crank it too loud. Cord supplied was too short to run to computer tower.

Bose companion 2 have been famous for its quality and reasonable price.

I usually listen to hip hop, and rock music, and this has great woofer sound although it doesn't have a woofer speaker.
I own the Bose Companion 20s, which I use at home in my tiny studio apartment as my TV speakers. I was very happy with them, and so when I was looking for speakers for my office, I looked at Bose again. I don't have a large desk, and I didn't want to spend a ton of money to have background music on while I work. Also, I share an uninsulated wall with another office, so I didn't need something super powerful, but rather something that would sound good at lower volumes. These speakers fit that bill completely. They are perfect for my office, and they sound great. Sure, you might be able to find better sounding speakers out there in this price range (depending on your tastes), but I really value the tiny footprint and lack of a need for a subwoofer.

I only really listen to them at lower volumes (computer set at 25%, speakers set just shy of 12 o'clock), but I did take advantage of being at work late one night with no one around to see how they'd do at higher volumes. And they sound good, though I wouldn't want them for a big space as that just isn't what they are designed to fill. But for an office environment or other similarly sized space, they are more than powerful enough.
Excellent speaker without the high price tag.

This is like everyone says - the best for its class but it took me a hole day to figure out how to set up my sound card and equalizer to make the speakers actually sound properly ..... and still I found that some lows sound very well and other lows are just missing. Also I think that the mids could be improved.

After all the speakers are made to sound awesome at low volume and I do not like blasting my room so for me this works good so far.

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