Barack Obama Kenya - A guest welcomed with prohibitions

Many news headlines in Kenya ask questions about Barack Obama's visit to kenya, and one of them is homosexuality, and the other is direct US to Kenya flights, while another is the war on acoholism.
Who knows? At the moment every Kenya could be asking questions about the US president's visit to their country. What no one knows currently is whether all United States citizens are also asking what their president is going to do in an East African country.

Kenyan members of parliament say they will ask the president of a leading economy in the world, and also referred to as the world's super power to cease from bringing up a gay agenda in his visit to Kenya in July 2015. Their message is clear that Kenya has strong religious values enshrined  in the culture of its people, and there is no point of stirring waters.

Obama's visit to Ethiopia may also be on the minds of the manufacturers and other business persons in Kenya. Ethiopia is about to export power to Kenya, and is also becoming a major exporter of fresh cut flowers, a position that Kenya enjoyed a while ago, until its costs of doing business rose.

The cultural reason for the hype about Obama's visit to Kenya is the fact that Obama was born in Kenya. This statement refers to Obama the father to the current US president Barack Obama. Many in Kenya refer to him as senior Obama, a Kenyan technocrat who went to study in the US and got married, then got blessed with one son from the marriage, before coming back to Kenya.

News continues to trickle in about the visit. Meanwhile, its worthy to know Kenya is an African country, Obama is the 44th U.S. President and his visit is a state visit that should be representing US interests, while Kenya is welcoming the visit to satisfy its interest.

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