2015-2016 shopping trends: getting the best deal just got easier online

Shopping for bulky long term items is no longer a thing for leisure time. That was the case when there were no online shopping options. These days of Amazon, Sainburys and Jumia, all you need is your smartphone and in a moment you can be on any section of a store perusing items and liking different features. The 2015-2016 shopping trends are hear with us and getting the best deal just got easier with online shopping.

After the 2009 global recesion, people are no longer at ease with paying any price. They want to pay the best possible price, and I will admit, I am one of those people. Getting a discount is one thing, but getting a sale on an item that is alreay priced below the rest of the market prices is the best thing that can happen for my credit card balance and my financial position. Shopping today is an experience that I would love to remember and so would you.

The option of home delivery has been the biggest trend in online shopping. Today, it is possible to start shopping on your phone immediately you see an advert for something, then by the time you get to work or home, you will have gone through the same item from a number of online stores. After all, these stores are just apps away. You have apps for every store in your area. Now, you are in a position to make a very informed decision. After a day, you will have read through online reviews, opinions and suggestions by people who bought the same item that you are looking to buy. You know its benefits and some of its flaws. You are prepared to live with the flaws, and have even found a turnaround feature that helps you manage the flaws of the product you are just about to buy.

For example, if it is a laptop like the 2015 mac book, you know that the USB type-C connector will be a pain to use for a while with other USB connectors. So you go ahead and also review various adapters for the USB type-C connector.  Such has become the glory of online shopping. All of a sudden, so many shoppers are at your disposal with information about their purchases and their experience with a product. All you need to do is reach out and ask a question or comment on a product item on your particular online store, and they all give you tips.

This is the age of sharing information. Also known as crowdsourcing, the ongoing trend is one suporting a share economy. The popular magazine, The Economist, predicted that the share economy would become very big in a few years. The prediction was in 2013 and by 2015, many people are learning that it is quite difficult to live without an aspect of the share economy. Whether it is an uber ride or an AirBnB stay, we all have something to share and get paid for it. The same is true for online shopping. Technology has made it so simple to connect and shop at any time. I can shop at 3am in the morning and you can do the same at 4pm as you have a latte.

Traditional companies realize that their role is to support a share economy. Their consumers need a way to advertise goods and services. Therefore, companies are availing themselves on social media platforms and they tell you how you can reach them and reach other people. On the other hand, consumers like you and I are moving in droves into twitter and instagram to share our purchases, to tell everyone who cares to listen that we finally got the best deal, and the freshest flowers, from such as such store, and it was a painless instant delivery to our door step, and we even have an unboxing video to show it. Yes, shopping is becoming a new experience, and a status symbol for all of us. If you can shop online and tell others about the experience, you become a valuable person in society. By sharing your information, you gain trust, and this can help you with other things that you need to share or sell.

Micro networks are emerging all over, and they are all availed by technology. If you want to be an influencer in your social network, one way to do that is by being public with your shoping experinece. Tell us how you thought of an item and the way you decided to purchase it. Tell us about the discounts you got because of being smart and comparing prices online. Warn us about unscruplus traders online that tried to rip you off. Show us the proof of purchase on isntagram and facebook. We will love you for it and you will be our go to guy for online shopping tips. Such has become our world and it is such convinient.

For example, I can tell you about the qualities of a Sonos, and you can compare that with those of a Bose, then be on your favorite stores comparing the features. By end of the day, you have all the facts you need and know how to save a few bucks by ordering early, and giving your nephew's address so that the gift is delivered just before he goes back to school. It is amazing. Think of how much hustle that would be without online shopping, a share economy and technology. It would be impossible.

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