Do not buy the future: Furniture and electronics buying tips


I am going to try and convince you that all you need is to buy for now, and not buy for the future. Consider this as a guide for buying furniture at Amazon or any other place. I am going to show you that buying for the future is another way of inflating your life. Soon, you realize that before the future is here, your life has become too big to fit you. The only time you are allowed to buy for the future is when you are growing, and can tell month after month that you are growing.

Let us say, you are going to buy a fridge and a sofa. You are single, or it could be that you are living in a dorm room. You really need the two things, yet you are limited by your space. However, you convince yourself that you are going to soon get into a bigger house. In this case, it appears worth it to just go for the bigger purchase. Go for a two-door fridge and also go for a five sitter sofa set. After all, it will just be a while before you are having a full house. And guests too.

This reminds me of a friend who moved in to a two bedroom house so that she can be able to accommodate friends when they visit. A good gesture, and an irrational choice for your money.

The thing is, those are unpredictable moments. You do not know what the future is bringing. You are only guessing. You will end up with things that are too big for you. A fridge that you are never able to fill. When you finally manage you fill, you realize there is a hole on your credit card. To make matters worse, things go stale before you get the chance to eat them. That is the curse of a big fridge for a small family or a single person home.

The trick is to get what you need, and nothing else. If it was dressing, you only need what fits. The same should apply to furniture and electronics for your home. I want you to remind yourself that there is something better, bigger, faster and popular that will be unveiled in future. You might need it, or you might not. Making that decision now is not a good thing. Just keep on walking and doing your thing, and when it is time to make that decision in future, you will. You only have to think of what will be present then. For now, just think of your needs now. If its the future, I give you just a month or two. Too much, and you are now guessing and working on borrowed facts.

A fridge that fits you now allows you to be content with what you have. You feel rich, because you can maximize its use. A car that lets you fill up the tank with ease and not care about being brushed off by other cars, allows you to take care of your riding experience with ease, without wondering when you will be due for a repair and being afraid of how much that is going to cost. A sofa that just fits your tiny room gives you ideas about what else you can fit, and how much creative you have become, utilizing so little space to create so much life out of it.

The best part of all these choices is that there seems to be money always left behind when you are done spending. And since, you are done, you can safely put the money into savings. Something that you have been looking forward too with all your greediness.

I hope you have been convinced. You need to really think about what you are going to need now, and can even read comments on about that sofa just to know if it will be as cool as you want it. I hope you have enjoyed my furniture and electronics buying tips.

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