Bose Environmental Speakers & Bose Marine Speakers Info

Bose Speakers   The brand immediately makes you think of adjectives such as perfection, innovation, brilliance and dependability.Since 1964, when Dr. Amar Bose founded the Bose Company, the discerning music lovers from across the globe have coveted to own Bose Speakers.Over the years company has come up with lots of speakers, that only simply caters to specific demands of the music fans but as well surpasses their imagination. Bose company shell their lots of time and energy in research as well technology to ensure it renders high quality sound,always,whether indoors, outdoor or in web ambiance to ensure it renders high quality sound, always, whether indoor, outdoor or in wet environment to ensure it provides high quality sound.We look at the most advanced of its speakers  Bose Environmental Speakers and Bose Marine Speakers.

Bose Environmental Speakers

Bose 151 environmental speakers are particularly designed to give full stereo loudness and clarity in a open area .These are ideal for ensuring high quality music in stadiums, places of worships, parks, lawns, around the pools, on a porch etc.Bose speakers are strong  in design so that they can bear the vagaries of nature. .

Special features

What makes Bose environmental speakers so special is that they help savor consistent listening experience even when you move from one place to another.They feature Articulated Array  speaker design, i.e. inside each environmental speaker there are three 2 " full-range environmental drivers. These are systematically arranged to give full stereo sound so you can enjoy consistent Bose quality sound not just in one small zone however also across a very wide area.

Designed with perfection, Bose environmental speakers comes with adjustable mounting brackets so you can hang your speakers vertically or even horizontally, whichever way they blend easily into your environment.

Bose speakers are designed in such a way so they add more style to your environment.These are ruthlessly tested so they can endure tough conditions and still deliver outstanding sound quality year after year. If you possess a Bose Lifestyle  system, you can easily use Bose 151 SE outdoor speakers with an SA-2 amplifier.

Bose Marine Speakers

Bose Marine Speakers take outdoor stereo sound a step forward.Many of you might find it difficult to imagine if there could be water resistant stereos so you can enjoy your favorite  music even  in moist conditions. Bose water resistant tech has made it possible.Bose marine speakers are designed to bear humidity so that you can easily and without any fearlessly make use of them in wet environment.As an example, you can use marine speakers for your boar or around.

Special features

While normal stereo system cannot stand up against such moist environment, Bose 131 marine speaker systems are thoroughly inspected to work under such extreme environment. They can stand against rain ,snow, salt spray and still deliver you high clarity sound.

Bose marine can be flush mount in the pre-cut speaker openings provided by most boat manufacturers. Besides, Bose 131 marine speakers consist of a Bose full-range driver to ensure high-fidelity sound. What s more these come with three-year limited warranty so you are ensured of your investment.

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