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Duncraft is a wild bird superstore offering free shipping on online orders above $75. Shop today with a coupon code, for all your wild bird housing, accessories and their feed needs. With customized solutions for housing and excellent creativity on feeding designs, brings you the ability at attract wild birds to your home.

Store categories

Duncraft is offering feeders, foods, baths, houses, accessories, critters, and outdoor living amenities for your wild birds. Feeders include the appropriate ones for all kinds of wild birds. The usage of the feeder is also an important characteristic of products in the category. Platform feeders, decorative bird feeders, pole-mount bird feeders and squirrel resistant bird feeders are just part of the examples. On the food category, Duncraft provides all birdseed, fruits, nuts and jelly, birdseed blocks, hot pepper foods among others. For baths, there is a whole range to choose. Examples include hanging birdbaths, ground birdbaths, birdbath accessories, heated baths and heaters. On the houses categories, there are plenty of bird specific houses like bluebird houses and hummingbird houses. There are also epertly crafted nesting materials, guards and poles. The accessory category includes everything necessary to secure, decorate and improve functionality of a wild birdhouse and feeder. Critters category covers squirrel feeders and houses, butterflies and insects, squirrel deterrents and squirrel foods.

product offerings and reviews

Duncraft offers solutions to all wild bird lovers. As a wildlife specialty store, it provides a customized catalogue for everything needed in making and maintaining cool wild birdhouses. The store even has nest boxes and pegs for perching on the front. Houses are easy to clean and there are enough vents on the sides, at the back, and on the bottom, to prevent suffocation. This can arise when wild birds stuff too much grass in the houses. Sizes are also relevant for each bird type and behavior. Hanging houses for specific bird like wrens, bluebirds and chickadees or titmice are availed. They are affordable. They come in all kinds of coloring and they will blend with all yards in a serene neighborhood. The houses and accessories by Duncraft are natural looking.

free shipping policy, Shipping and Delivery

Duncraft is having a promotion on shipping. Customers who make orders for goods worth $75 and above get free shipping. The locations qualifying for free shipping are any of the 48 contigous states. Customers simply add the coupon shipping code to the promotional code field. This is on the shopping cart. After that, they proceed to checkout. Delivery is done within a few days after checkout.

Return and exchange

Duncraft accepts returns. When the product bought is damaged before reaching customers, it qualifies for return for exchange of an equivalent product. Customers may also seek returns for other personal reasons. The company will access the grounds for return and provide compensation. Returns cover all the customers buying from the online store.

customer support

Duncraft is excellent because it has people who really understand wild birds and their needs. Besides that, the customer service staffs are friendly and understand the concern of wild bird hobbyist. They do not rush questions and sessions with customers. They are also very knowledgeable about the industry and wild bird needs such that they are always helping customers find the best house and accessories for their homes. The customer service is available through the phone and this makes it very convenient for any one. Besides, even non-customers can call to make inquiries and they are treated well in the process. In some cases, Duncraft customer service staffs have taken their time to trace shipments when a customer gave a wrong address. They called the customer later to inform her that shipment had been retrieved. She then offered her new address and shipment was made at no extra charge.