Leads Tunnel Review

What is a purpose of Leads Tunnel?

Leads Tunnel is a leads generator software that makes it easy and fast for a website owner or a freelance website optimizer to make a website generate more sales through the addition of more leads. Leads are links that bring people to a particular page online. They are counted by their effectiveness. If one has three links that bring people to the given page where the visitors can buy a product being sold, then the person has three leads. If the links are bringing more than three people, then the website will be receiving the equivalent of all the visitors into the landing page as its leads. In simple terms, leads are the potential sales.

This Leads Tunnel Review will show you that the software allows you to synchronize your lead fast. You can have them go to your Facebook and to email list. Leads are the bits that get you customers, and you can consider them as eggs that you want to hatch.

Who is behind Leads Tunnel?

The talented team behind this incredible software is Anik Singal, Jimmy Kim and Fred Lam. There are experienced internet marketers with over a decade each of experience in the general field of marketing. They are also most knowledgeable in web2.0 solutions where email marketing and social media marketing fall. Therefore, when they come up with a solution for simplifying the work of their customers, they know what they are doing, and you bet they will stand by their word to guarantee results.

Techniques for setting up leads

There are very many techniques given online by different bloggers and news websites on various ways of generating leads. However, some basic techniques work well when they are followed carefully. The purpose of using an automated tool is to save money, time and effort when following the right techniques for setting up an incredible number of leads that transform your software from being a slack to a performer. Leads, as the name suggests translate to sales. The Leads Tunnel works to make sure that as much as you are getting more leads with every use, you are also getting high quality leads, whose potential to transform into sales is also high.

3 secrets of lead generation

- Leads generation starts with sharing the business with the interested people who are going to buy or take another action on a given website as required.

- Leads can come from any place online and offline, but the best thing for a website owner and a freelance website optimizer is to concentrate on lead sources that can be influenced, measured and tweaked. These lead sources include the emailing/contact list of a website, the social media pages of that website and the comments that link back to the website.

- Although you can come up with all the hints for a person to click a link that takes them to you blog or site and then signup for a service or buy a product, the hardest part for the potential customer is usually filling up of the details.

Why Leads Tunnel is superior to other solutions

Leads Tunnel was set up to make it easy for the people who see and use your backlinks back to your website to take action. It considers all the hindrances that customers might have against clicking your links and signing up. It corrects all these mistakes so that for every lead that you generate, the person being lead to your site experience a smooth seamless connection that reduces any resistance to sign up. By cutting out the bottleneck as a precise way than any other rival product, Leads Tunnel becomes the ultimate solution that you are looking for.

An examples of successful lead tunneling process

Assume that you have ads on Facebook targeting people in your locality. The ads are about your local business. When people click on that ad, they will be put into the Leads Tunnel system and everything will seem normal because the technology works in the background. The system captures and automatically inputs their details into the lead form so that they do not have to type a thing. All they have to do is hit submit and you will have them as new signups to your service. Consider using this example for your email list because it works wonders. Experts have researched through A/B testing and they have noted that the task of typing in the name and email is the one that puts off many people from subscribing to newsletters online.

Are there any other benefits?

This is a premium product that is loaded with so many high value benefits. They come through a member’s area where all those who have bought the software get access to support and other members. There are regular updates and access to new information regarding secrets of lead generation that are discovered. Thus, by purchasing the software, you automatically become an insider. You no longer have to chase the lottery of online marketing that may cause you to slave so many hours without leads. Instead, you become a guru with access to a very powerful tool that lets you do six months work of marketing in just a day.

Other plus features are personal coaching with the coaches behind the software. By far, this was the biggest value addition of the package, and I have put it first in this Leads Tunnel Review. In most cases, you buy a powerful tool but fail to use all its potential. With coaching, all that becomes easy. The other one that I did not use, but was appropriate to many newbie website owners is the copywriting bundle of 3000 swipe files. These are a must-have for email marketing. In fact, if you do not have your email marketing techniques and tools in order, one of the key advice you receive from the coaches is on how to set things up so that when you implement the Leads Tunnel package. I skipped right to the 250 additional proven and tested high converting email swipe templates because that is what I really needed. They doubled traffic, and I believe in other niches, they do triple the email clicks to your site and its offers. The incredible news is that these are just a few of the bonuses coming with the software.

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