Yoga Meditation Posture - There Is No Difference

Meditation is a practice that has little to do with posture and everything to do with concentration for a specific period. The postures are only meant to aid the exercise and therefore, they should be picked as tips to improve on meditation. It is understood that without a good grasp at concentration, the meditation will not be complete. If this is the case, then what would be the use of embracing the best posture for medication when you are failing at the meditation itself? I ask these questions to present your mind with the picture of what is most important.

Yoga is often associated with a particular pose of a person sitting with legs crossed and arms resting openly on the knee. Some people will modify this posture to have a stiff straight back and clenched thumb and middle fingers. Yoga postures have excellent uses in the practice, however that they are not very important.

Having said all that about posture, I must also add that I am a believer of good posture and it would be good for you to believe in postures also. They increase the beneficial outcomes of yoga. Assuming that you have decided to go with my suggestion for picking up postures for your yoga, you next concern would be what is the best yoga posture. I quick search online on your phone can bring up a number of suggestions. The common postures are Burmese style, half lotus, full lotus, seiza position (following bench, zafu or simply kneeling), chair, and lying down. You can already tell that just about any position fits yoga. I will repeat here that the most important thing is concentration and posture is merely to increase the beneficial outcomes that the yoga practitioner gets.

Since you are going to do yoga for a while, probably as a routine, you will find that having a posture that works for your body is good. Some other aids like mats, seats and cushions will aid your posture so that, with time, you are able to meditate for long when necessary.

Lotus style

The lotus position is for flexible yoga practitioners. If you are not flexible, consider some other posture because you may cause serious injury to your leg. Other than that, you may find that after a few minutes into meditating, your legs literally check out. Someone else in an online forum referred to this occurrence as the legs “sleeping”. Indeed many people have experienced the effect and it is usually caused by forcing the body into an awkward position and ignoring the pain. The brain turns off the pain senses and you end up losing the feeling of your leg. Some people have picked the half-lotus position as an alternative. In the lotus position, both feet are on either thigh, but for the half-lotus, only one foot is on the opposite thigh while the other is on the floor or the flat surface that you are on. On the lotus style, your foot faces upwards when they are on the thigh.

Burmese style

This is a sitting style like lotus and the legs are crossed, but the difference here is that both feet rest on the floor.

In all sitting postures, you can imagine your head being pulled towards the ceiling or something that is up and this will aid you in ensuring that your spine is straight. After that, you can relax your muscles and feel that they have gone soft as you proceed to concentrate. Make sure your face is relaxed as well as eyes, jaw and tongue, Keep your head balanced evenly with the chin slightly tucked in and everything should turn out fine.

Posture - There Is No Difference

To recap, you should know that posture is merely an addition to meditation practice. In yoga, people prefer various popular postures. Posture choices are usually personal. You can find out about other postures but the most common ones introduced to beginners are Lotus and Burmese style. Finally, you must keep focus, which requires a great awareness of your concentration. Any discomfort that you feel will affect your concentration. In this regard, the biggest help you can find is in finding a posture that will let you go straight into concentration mode and maintain yourself there during the meditation period.

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