Garlic helps male impotence

When a man is impotent, he is unable to maintain or achieve an erection and science today links the problem of impotence to some psychological distress outcomes in an individual.

Traditional medicine has always had a solution for male human impotence but it was only a few decades ago that researchers began empirically testing claims made by several traditionalists about super foods and their abilities.

Superfood is a category of foods, which are mostly herbs, fruits, and nuts known for their high nutrition content that exceeds the daily recommended values. Because these super foods have high specific nutrient content, they are selected by many enthusiasts of home remedies as the perfect compliments of a typical diet.

By focusing on a particular nutrient and then seeking foods high in that nutrient, a person may theoretically heal a nutrient deficiency, which means it is possible to get rid of the symptoms associated with the particular nutrient deficiency.

Garlic is food that has often been considered as a super food, and this has attracted the interest of medical and wellbeing researchers across the world. Many studies have looked at the value of garlic and why it tends to act in a certain way to relieve many symptoms such as male impotence.

As with any scientific study, randomized controlled trials are always preferred because they show the effect of the test on a group of people and a comparison can be made to another group of people in the same experiment.

For garlic, tests have been done on raw garlic, heated garlic juice, dehydrated garlic powder and aged garlic extract. These are the standard forms that humans take garlic and studies have mainly relied on animal models due to ethical restrictions on running experiments on live human subjects. In one study, raw garlic juice was noted as being useful in recovering testicular function while heated garlic juice was noted as being ineffective in affecting impotence. Which means the consumption of raw garlic was an active choice and use of heated garlic was not a practical option for people who wish to treat their impotence.

The scientific support for the study comes from the fact that Allyl Sulphur compounds are the main active constituents that can be obtained from crushed garlic. Further studies have shown that when you heat garlic, you destroy its beneficial effects. For example, having garlic in a microwave for just 60 sections is enough to remove all beneficial effects.

Therefore, consumers who are seeking to fight impotency are encouraged to use raw garlic together with other foods. Nevertheless, people should still seek further advice from their physicians.

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